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Geary 0.5 | What Are Yorba’s Guys Doing!?!

I hadn’t seen Geary a for long time, but today I noticed it was in Gnome-Git ?! Not a clue when this transition happened, but Geary source code is now under Gnome’s infrastructure, and the same applies for Geary’s bug tracker.

That is really nice for people that use Gnome-JHBuild, coz they can easily get the very latest builds. By the way, I built Geary 0.5 against Gnome 3.10.

Geary 0.5

Geary 0.5 released 2 days ago. I assume that you’re already using the latest 0.4.3 version, so the new things aren’t any much.

  • Port to GtkApplication
  • Use app menu instead of gear button menu, where available
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes

Probably the biggest change here is the porting to GtkApplication and the drop of libunique, so in a way Geary becomes a more genuine GnomeApp.

There is also the removal of gear button menu, and the replacement with an Application Menu. This change is only available to Gnome, and not to Ubuntu.

Simply Beautiful!

Seriously, what Yorba’s guys are doing? This thing isn’t just simply beautiful, but is slick, is slim, is fast, is an awesome email client! I had some time to see Geary, but since is on Gnome Git, I’ll check on it more often ;)


If you are using Geary, I think is a good idea to donate on this project. It looks professional, but not depressing like other Office-Oriented Mail Clients. And it is evolving so fast. Really great work from Yorba’s people.


One of the changes from the last time I tried Geary, is the ability to add multiple accounts. However Geary isn’t sync with Gnome Online Accounts, and I think this is a design decision. Honestly, I don’t care that much about it. It isn’t even a disadvantage.

Another new feature (for me), is the Search. Geary’s search is amazing fast, but it won’t bring as many results as Google’s. None desktop mail client can’t do that anyway.


Gnome Notifications aren’t working really good, and the most annoying thing maybe is that they aren’t persistence. I had to send 3 emails, to manage to catch this notification.

One of the bad bad bad things in Geary under Gnome 3, is that it can’t be run in background. Every time I try a new Geary version, I got this annoying usability bug not fixed. Gnome 3 doesn’t support minimization of the apps, and I don’t want to have Geary always visible in one workspace.

If you haven’t seen Geary for while, it would be a totally nice surprise!

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  • Sn3ipen

    Geary is the best. I really hope they get Gnomes new headerbar and it probably will.

    • Yosef Or Boczko
      • Sn3ipen

        Thanks. Its great to see that it will eventually come, but it will probably take some time, since it will break backwards computability with everything thats older than GTK 3.10.

        • Dragnucs

          Well, people would use old versions, that’s it.

    • Dragnucs

      That’s more likely to happen.

  • Pau Iranzo

    At work, we use Thunderbird (600 people!). I’ve tried to use the last stable version of Geary and I don’t think it’s ready for the final user. The lack of features limits the user and the current design it’s not really made for the day-by-day work. I will open a ticket proposing some ideas.

  • CameronN

    I do not think 0.5 is released yet, it is still pre alpha, and they just bumbed the version numbers. Maybe.

    • alex285

      I am not aware how Geary versioning works. Do they use odd numbers for unstable and even for stable? But 0.5 is a release not just a bump. They have release notes and is marked as “Release”.

    • Michael Hill

      0.5 is a development release. Charles Lindsay from the announcement: “Geary is now adhering to the GNOME version
      numbering guidelines, and as such, the odd-valued 5 in the version
      number indicates this is an unstable development snapshot, not a full
      release. It won’t show up in our stable PPA.”

  • Fabrixxossidedotnet

    I compiled on Gnome 3.8 (Debian testing), i have only to compile latest vala and install some dependences and it work, but were is the options to removal of gear button menu?

    • alex285

      There aren’t any options. It should be automatically discover your system (Gnome3/Shell) and use the application menu.

      • Fabrixxossidedotnet

        ok thank you

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