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Geary 0.3 in GNOME 3.8

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Release Notes

For the people that have used Geary on the past and were disappointed with the lack of creating and editing multiple accounts, there are some good news.

We at Yorba are pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.3, our lightweight email client.  Geary organizes your email by conversations rather than threads and offers full HTML composition, attachments, and more.  Geary is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and most IMAP servers.

This major release brings many significant improvements and changes, including:

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Account editor
  • Basic full conversations
  • Some lightweight background downloading of messages
  • Mark as spam/not spam
  • “Important” folder support
  • Multiple compressed messages are collapsed in conversation viewer
  • Mark as read as you scroll in conversation viewer
  • Highlight unread messages in conversation viewer
  • Allow auth-less SMTP
  • Conversation viewer WebKit inspector
  • Many, many bugfixes

The Geary 0.3 tarball is available for download.  See Yorba’s wiki for information on building, running, and contributing to Geary.  Report bugs and feature requests at Yorba’s Redmine server.  (You must create an account before adding or modifying tickets there.)

Ubuntu users can also find a version for Quantal Quetzal (12.10) on Yorba’s PPA.  Adventurous users may also wish to subscribe to Yorba’s Daily PPA.

Is Geary for me?

If you are dealing with lots of emails, then Geary is definitely not for you. This is mostly because of the Geary limitation to search. There isn’t search at all.. yet! So who can use an email client without searching functionality?

Geary right now seems to be a client that is made to work together with a web-interface. You can quickly sent and receive a message within Geary, but if you want to make some more work you should open your Gmail Web Interface.

Geary treats emails as simple messages (Gmail also did that) and has an awesome interface, that is easy to use in contrast with this mess that Google offers. Maybe Geary is best used with other IMAP services and wouldn’t really fit for Gmail users. At least not in this version.

Geary in GNOME 3.8

I installed Geary from Fedora Rawhide (20) repos that fortunately has the very latest version, and I added two Gmail accounts.


Everything works as expected with GTK 3.8 and latest Adwaita Theme, except maybe the very ugly Archive icon, which is a matter of taste anyway. I didn’t care about Geary features but only about the integration with Gnome. So I will skip some of core Geary annoyances (it’s just 0.3 version!) and I will go into GNOME related issues.

Run Geary in Background

This is the worst issue (IMO) of running Geary under GNOME. You can’t run it as a background service and having an icon in Message Tray! That pretty much means that you need to have a Geary Window open at all times. The thing with GNOME is that you can’t minimize a window (and if you do, it will be always visible in Overview), as you can do in Unity.


Geary has two options for notifications, sounds and messages. Having both enabled, Geary can only display messages, but not sounds.


A weird thing is that Geary sometimes in Notification Tray displays only the Topic of the email, when other times it displays content. I think this is a some short of bug with G-Notifications-Settings, which doesn’t work really good with Geary anyway.

Notifications are also displayed  in Lock Screen, which we can disable that from GNOME Notification Panel -if we wish.


Online Accounts

Geary doesn’t support GNOME Online Accounts (GOA), which is a strong incompatibility with GNOME.

Geary Menus & Icons

Geary hasn’t an Application Menu, but it has an Gear Menu on the top-right similar to Gnome-Files but without a symbolic icon.


Geary in general doesn’t do pretty well with GNOME icons, but that isn’t much of a problem to most of its users.


This was just a testing of Geary under GNOME and even if Geary doesn’t do great here, that doesn’t mean that isn’t a great mail application, that GNOME users can enjoy. The only real problem of Geary is definitely the lack of search. Other than this it rocks!

I just wish Yorba’s guys to add a bit more support under GNOME.

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  • hells_dark

    Nice review, I’m sure Geary devs (i.e. Yorba) will read your notes =)

  • Bastian Hougaard

    I hope all these things has been reported on Yorba’s Redmine service. Hopefully their fundraising campaign will be successful and allow these things to happen.