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Geary 0.2 is almost here for Gnome 3.6 ..but is it ready?

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On version 0.2 Geary gained about 30(!) new features,  with Attachment Support, Autocomplete in Addresses in To, Cc, Bcc fields and better Internationalization to be the most noticeable additions. However Geary supports only Gmail and Yahoo (not stable), but you can setup any other IMAP service manually.

The “quotes” and everything else seems clean and simple in Geary. Less is more, but the absence of search hurts. As you can see there isn’t Application Menu -and actually there is none Menu at all, just a basic one with 5-6 options- and not a GOA integration.

Geary handles nicely the Multiple responses in contrast to Gmail which is a bit messy. The irony is that Adam Dingle (the founder of Yorba) was ex Google’s employee in desktop. By the way there is a basic integration with Gnome Shell and we get a notification message on new mails. Scrolling down to the last email, asynchronously loads the next emails, which saves us bandwidth, but it is slow.

On version 0.2 we can attach and view attachments which is a nice new feature ..but what made me a huge negative impression is that once you set up an account -even if you have set it up wrong- you cannot edit it or delete it!!

At least if you check on Help you will see..

” Geary does not support multiple email accounts. If you would like to change the email account used with Geary, you’ll need to delete your Geary database. From a Nautilus window, locate your Geary database in .local/share/geary. Delete the folder named after your email account. Upon relaunching Geary, you will be prompted to enter your new email credentials”.

..but who checks on help anyway? :)

This is just the second release of Geary and from this point of view it does great. What is coming next?

  • Full IMAP support, making email synchronization a breeze
  • Tight integration with popular Web mail services, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Mobile Me
  • Full-featured WYSIWYG editor for composing emails
  • Threaded / conversation views
  • Lightning fast as-you-type email search
  • Desktop notification of new email
  • Support for multiple email accounts
  • Offline mode
  • Full support for popular IMAP servers, including Dovecot


Ubuntu users can take advantage of the two PPAs

Daily Buils (Unstable)

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yorba/daily-builds
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install geary


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yorba/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install geary


Obviously by adding these two PPAs you also get the latest Shotwell. If you want daily builds and you don’t run Ubuntu, you can always build it from source.


No multiple accounts and the lacking of search are serious limitations. But if you just run a single non very active email account, it is the best solution you will find. Keep on mind that Geary is made to work in parallel with online services -at least for now. That means you should also login on your web-mail provider to manage folders, spams etc etc..

Geary authors say:

“Yorba plans to bring to the open source community a new lightweight, easy-to-use, feature-rich email client.  Our long-term vision for Geary is an email client built for daily use that can be used in place of or alongside Web-based email services”.

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  • pt3

    Wow that’s two great apps from Yorba ( Shotwell and Geary). This will ease the migration for Sparrow users on Mac.

  • Enrico

    its just only MacOS mail copy :-( nothing else

    • Stiph

      This is a free & opensource mail client with a nice UI. Even it is heavily inspired or a direct copy of the MacOS Mail application: it’s already great to have it!

      Seriously, I can understand why developers tend not to listen users sometimes… Developing is already such a challenge… you can propose your features and take part in it if you think you are more inspired ;)

      kids, nowadays…

    • foobar

      MacOS mails UI isn’t unique. There are several older mail apps out there using the same layout.

      • Cliff Wells

        I think he was referring to the limited feature set of

    • pt3

      Sparrow isn’t MacOS Mail

    • alex285

      + open source :) ..but copy? everyone copies everyone.

  • Sasan

    I was never able to use this app with my IMAP mail server. Does it still have to be implemented?

  • Arron Washington

    Man, Geary looks nice, but… only one email account?

    I think by now everyone has at least 2 email accounts:

    Work/College, and a ‘personal’ email. It’s pretty much a dealbreaker for me, personally, not to have access to both.

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