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GCompris is getting better!

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As you can see, I’ve worked on six activities, and one template activity. I still have some features to add to these activities, and my graphical design could use some improvement, plus a lot of documentation is needed. From now until GUADEC, I intend to polish up all these activities to prepare them for integration into the full GCompris suite.

Some of Beth’s work in screenshots:

play-rhythm activity (6)
exlore world music activity (4)
piano player with note coloring

All this is nice, but nothing can be perfected without enough feedback. If you have the time to check things out, try these commands and send your feedback to Beth!

$ git remote add beth
$ git fetch beth
$ git branch beth_master beth/master
$ git checkout beth_master
$ cd GCompris/src
$ sh name_of-activity -(piano_composition-activity, note_names-activity, explore_world_music-activity, explore_world_animals-activity, play_rhythm-activity, play_piano-activity)

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  • Suvi

    ok, easy to be used for kids. But be honest: why must it looks so ugly?  Less colors and a similar style on all icons would be better.