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G-Web is now on Ubuntu GNOME3-Team PPA

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After some delay, GNOME’s web-browser is now available for Ubuntu GNOME (13.04) and Ubuntu (13.04) (?) users. I am placing a question mark in Ubuntu, since for installing G-Web you also need dependencies that they might breake Unity Interface.

Jeremy Bicha pushed Web two days ago in GNOME3-Team repos, and is currently on version 3.7.91 and not 3.8.

For what it is worth I am listing the changes from 3.7.91 to 3.8

Epiphany 3.7.92


  • We now use WebKit2 by default.
  • Fix all the remaining WebKit2 feature regressions that were on track for 3.8. See bug #678610
  • Other bugfixes and cleanups.

Epiphany 3.8.0


  • Fix encoding menu and dialog (#696548)
  • Sync reload/stop button with load state (#696301)
  • i18n updates

Since many people just copy installation commands without reading the notes, which is a bad bad way of doing things, I am just giving the PPA link, so you can’t skip them :)

For GNOME Web in Debian experimental or the GNOME3 PPA, you have a choice of installing either epiphany-browser or epiphany-browser-webkit2. The first one uses classic WebKit while the other uses WebKit2.

Also, the hard work in this case was done by kov (Gustavo Noronha Silva) from Debian.

Notice that the package is called “epiphany-browser” and not “epiphany”, which is referred to another application! So if you already have the PPA installed, you need to:

$ sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

or even better

$ sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser-webkit2

..or just open Ubuntu Software Center and get it from there!

What if you want to use Unity and still get all GNOME 3.8 improvements, but Shell?


I don’t know much about it, but in my Ubuntu Unity installation with GNOME 3.8, Unity is totally a mess. Theming and Menus issues make it impossible to use. I couldn’t even make this above screenshot and I used Scrot for it.

$ sleep 4; scrot screenshot.png

Yep, Terminal will never let you down. Almost never -cause never say never!

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  • Salman

    brake –> break ;)

    • alex285


  • curt lee

    You didn’t do a very good job of checking your facts. If you simply went to the link you posted you would see epiphany 3.8 still isn’t available for ubuntu.

    epiphany-browser 3.7.91-1ubuntu1~raring1 Jeremy Bicha (2013-04-02)

    Checked at 09:38 CDT

    • alex285

      Hmm, you mean it isn’t for 12.10 (cause I mean 13.04) or you mean isn’t 3.8 which I am saying is 3.7.91 ?

      • curt lee

        raring is 13.04.

        “epiphany-browser 3.7.91-1ubuntu1~raring1 Jeremy Bicha (2013-04-02)”

        I have my facts right. You are just a little premature on your announcement. ;) Maybe it will be in tomorrows build.

        • alex285

          I still can’t understand. I have already installed it (as you can see in screenshot).