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G-Videos new design won’t be ready for 3.10 ..but

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A week ago Bastien Nocera (maintainer of G-Videos) informed Gnome Community that he might won’t have the refresh UI of Videos ready for 3.10. Today he just confirmed this via Gnome Desktop Develop Mailing Lists.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time to finish the work on Videos for GNOME 3.10, so I’ve branched off gnome-3-8 instead.

But bug fixes will arrive anyway.

The current GNOME 3.8 branch contains loads of bug fixes that were backported from master, including:

  • Restored streaming from Vimeo
  • VA-API support
  • Bug fixes for videos on remote shares
  • Better playback and buffering for videos on remote shares

That is the second postpone for the new UI of Videos that was originally planned for 3.8 release.


Videos from Master. It needs some more work to match designs.

Towards Videos 3.12

Bastien also gave a _whiteboard_ roadmap towards to 3.12 release, scheduled for March 2014.

Some of the new features -except the redesign part and the Cloud sync- include

#691259 Support remote display

Similar to DLNA, Videos will be able to seamlessly connected wireless from one device to another and deliver high definition video. For example, from a Laptop to a Smartphone, from a Tablet to TV etc. They will use Korva for that  and might also reuse Intel’s dLeyna exciting implementation that has already arrived for GNOME Photos 3.10 (bug #701775).

#697896 Add Gestures

GNOME Videos in 3.12 is planned to have Gestures Support. Some early ideas.

  • 1-finger Swipe right/left -> skip (same as right/left arrows)
  • 2-finger Swipe right/left -> next/previous tracks (same as n/b)
  • 1-finger Swipe up/down -> change volume
  • 2-finger Swipe up/down -> enable/disable remote display (when we have that feature…)
  • zoom action (pinch movement) -> zoom in/out
  • rotate action (2 finger rotation) -> rotate

Interested folks can take a look at the master branch, and the bugs listed with the 3.12 whiteboard status. There’s a few low-hanging fruits there:

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  • johnny

    What I dont understand: Why does it take so long to rewrite UI of Totem? Gnome Music was created from scratch (AFAIK) and seems to be fully funtional in 3.10 . Is Totem much more complex or the team behind much smaller? It’s just that i don’t understand how a rewrite of an UI takes more time than a complety new creation of a software.

    I’m not a developer (not even a programmer) so my thoughts are just based on a naive experience as user – so please, don’t get me wrong about this :) .

    • alex285

      It’s not about the UI, but for all the features that are included in this. Like the support of all these Cloud Services as YouTube,, Apple Movie Trailers etc..

  • hellsdark

    Typo on Intel’s dLeynA.

    I’m looking for the new totem which seems nice =)

    • alex285

      Thanks for correction. Editing messages in Disqus?

      • hellsdark

        Yes, i didnt know editing messages on disqus was possible.

  • hellsdark

    Ho, we can edit messages. Sorry for this one.