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G-Clocks added in GNOME Shell Calendar

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There was a small update in GNOME Shell.

userMenu: Use show-full-name-in-top-bar setting [Bastien; #689561]
dateMenu: Add “Open Clocks” entry [Mathieu; #644390]
screenshot: Immediately show the flash spot [Jasper; #691875]
Misc. bug fixes [Rico, Jeremy]

Jeremy Bicha, Mathieu Bridon, Bastien Nocera, Jasper St. Pierre, Rico Tzschichholz

Ihar Hrachyshka [be]

Open Clocks Menu is only visible if you have installed the G-Clocks App.

On bug report #644390 there is a comment by Peter Robinson

This doesn’t reimplement the timezone display though. It basically gives you a link to open another application. It’s not very helpful like the old implementation. If I have a meeting scheduled on one timezone or I need to call someone on another timezone and I want to quickly check what the time is in Perth when I’m in Helsinki I don’t want to have to wait for an entire new app to open, interrupt my workflow only to have to quit it seconds later.

And I also agree. Different time zones should be quick accessible as a GNOME Shell component and not a separate App. On the other hand, is better than nothing :)


There were in GNOME Git for some time, but I had never notice them :)


Search improvements in GNOME 3.8

Cosimo wrote a post with all the new search stuff in GNOME 3.8!

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  • Fred Pauchet

    What a weird wallpaper choice… =) Good presentation, as usual.

    • alex285

      The only good thing in Windows :)

  • JJ

    About the new search: It takes too much more vertical space and the entire horizontal space is wasted. They should have it aligned horizontally (but then again I am not sure how to show the complete names of files if aligned horizontally – may be as tooltips?). I hope someone makes an extension.

    • alex285

      I think this is more a fault of the theme. With a more polished theme, with less puddings and smaller icons it will be ok.

  • mangs

    About the search improvements:

    Each of the large icons should be in its own column in which to show just the single, respective search result type results. That makes way more sense than having four huge icons (one for each type) then having row groups for each type. You could even use CSS “transform: scale(0.75)” on all the columns then animate the size to “scale(1)” when someone hovers over the column. That way you get a good overview of all the data in a more intuitive fashion, and you fully use the GPU for animation (if you use CSS animations to animate it).