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G-C-C | Background Dialog Is Now Optimized For Small Screens

The bug is pretty obvious. Small screen resolutions like 1024×600 found mostly on older netbooks (e.g Acer Aspire 1410), were causing parts of G-C-C to be hidden.

Background Selection, GNOME 3.6

The default (& only) size of Background Dialog till now was 860×550. Bastien Nocera patched that and make it a little bit smarter, so the new size will be proportional to parent window (height*0.9), –if not maximized.

background: Make whole dialog visible on small screens

When using a small screen, make sure that the whole of the dialogue is visible, including the confirmation buttons. This means that the dialogue will be maximised when on smaller screens (just like its parent), and that we won’t set a number of columns for the icon view.

We will also stop making the dialogue much bigger than the Settings window itself.

Bastien Nocera |    692495  

Background Selection after the patch | 1680×1050 resolution

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