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Frugalware 1.7: Get the complete Gnome theme

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Frugalware’s authors describes it as ” a general purpose linux distribution, designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode)“. Text mode and an awesome theme ;)

Gnome Shell



I got the theme from  Frugalware’s Git and I packed it on Drop Box so you can download it from there

It features:

About 20 wallpapers in different sizes

Gnome Shell Theme (340)

Cinnamon Theme

GTK 3/2 Theme

It features not:

Icons sets (because is about 150MB)


Many other things as splash screens

Get it

[1] You can download everything as is shown on Bash figure above from Git which is around 250-300MB at:

[2] Or you can download the pack I made ~30MB

In case you do not know how to theme Gnome follow our guide

Frugalware Official Page

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