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From Ubuntu to Touch, From Touch To Tizen ;)

That’s just a boring stuff, but based on a true story ;)

It is meant to be semi-funny. Maybe it isn’t. Feel free to skip it!

From Ubuntu

Today I thought to give a try to Ubuntu 13.10. I’am admitting it, I haven’t seen it yet :/

I visited and start downloading it. Meanwhile I thought to check what was new.

Whats the best place to get Ubuntu news? OMG Ubuntu. I read this article from Joey-Elijah Sneddon. Then I read a couple of more Ubuntu 13.10 reviews.

Ok, I just stopped downloading. Ubuntu 13.10 has nothing new to offer since 13.04. That was kinda weird, because 13.04 hadn’t either any exciting to offer over 12.10.

Fortunately version 12.10, had major changes over 12.04. It might was worse, but at least it was different.

I didn’t lose any time, and I checked Ubuntu Source Code Locations. Activity is more or less 50% down in the last year.

Hmm, that explains why..

..oops, my friend, okay is better not to name him of my friends came online in GTalk.

What makes this friend so special, is that he is member of Ubuntu Community, he has made an Ubuntu derivative in the past, he has written a couple of utilities for Ubuntu, but most importantly, he deploys Ubuntu Desktops as part of his work.

So I asked him what was going on with Ubuntu 13.10. He couldn’t answer me. He was too busy writing a complaining mail about this mess that Canonical brought after 12.04. He said a couple of nasty things about them and we hang up. For now.

Hmm, that explains why..


prof-ubuntu-before prof-ubuntu-after

I have this feeling that in Ubuntu are starting to lose their incredibility. Comon guys, let Jane Silber do her job. She is smart, she is cool, she is good in PR..

I mean that’s why you hired her, didn’t you?

The funny thing with SteamOS and Ubuntu is that.. well, in a sense everything comes back to you.

I mean, Ubuntu forked Debian and they created the most popular Free Desktop. At least this is what they say.

And now Valve comes from nowhere.. ..let me say it again..

..And now their favorite partner comes to fork Debian and to put Ubuntu in second place.

Whats bad about being second that you’re the first loser.

2004-2013, wow almost a decade!

You know I had Ubuntu in 2004. It was this time that all Linux fans were trying to find out the best Linux.

We were trying Arch, Gentoo, Slack ..I even had an LFS back then.  Also it was this “war” between KDE and GNOME. Ahh, Glorious Days, I miss them!

Suddenly Ubuntu came up. Can’t remember exactly why, but best Linux pursuit was over.

So, 10 years later where are we? Again chasing the best Linux Distro.

OMG, they have right, history always repeat itself!

That makes me wondering ..what Ubuntu really achieved in the past 10 years?

Smells like being on day 1. Again.

I’m sorry, I got off topic. Where was I? ooh, yeap ..I was looking to figure out why Ubuntu development had gone so low. 

Damn, I must be blind. The answer was just front of me.

To be fair, Ubuntu is progressing faster than ever. Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.

Both names start from “S”. Yeap, No, I don’t believe in coincidences!

Anyways, I was just looking on the wrong direction!

To Ubuntu Touch

To be continued.. maybe ;)

Ok, I better stop here. To save what I can ;)

Besides I finished downloading Tizen. Maybe, just maybe Tizen is one of the next big things!

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  • billtoulas

    I have Ubuntu 13.10 installed and I can tell you it is maybe the worse and slowest Ubuntu I can remember using. But I can’t actually judge it fairly, as I use Gnome Shell through repositories that are not officially supported by Ubuntu. The point is that for the GS user, Ubuntu has become almost unusable already and it will remain like that (or get worse) in 14.04 LTS…

    • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

      I’m in the same boat. And I’m planning to switch to Fedora or maybe Arch to get a better GS experience.

      • Domagoj Bet

        Dont’t plan – do it! It has been a liberating experience for me. First I tried fedora but I had too much problems with my amd driver and the release cycle was way off betweer gnome and fedora. Then I tried Arch and now I’m living in this place of tranquility were everything works, is the way I want it to be and I don’t have to change anything or try new stuff. The whole “it just works” experience is quite boring in that respect actually. :D

        • sramkrishna

          Be careful though, it is a rolling release distro and something can come in and mess things up and it’ll be up to you to fix it.

    • JaSauders

      Do you think so? I know a lot has yet to be seen, but there are a few things on the radar that have gone in favor of Ubuntu GNOME landing a better release for 14.04. For example, Ubuntu is forking Gnome Settings Daemon and Gnome Control Center, allowing Ubuntu GNOME to get a better handle on GSD and GCC from upstream. Likewise, they put 3.10 into the 14.04 builds, so that’s a bonus as well. The Ubuntu GNOME team is very small but what developers there are seem to be very skilled. It’ll be a long haul to match the Gnome experience of openSUSE or Fedora, but these things will at the very least work in favor of Ubuntu GNOME into the near future.

      • billtoulas

        In that case I will have to retract my guess about 14.04 as it was based on the (false?) assumption that the next LTS will come with parts of 3.8, thus causing even greater inconsistency than in the current version.

        • Michael Catanzaro

          14.04 will — probably — ship with mostly GNOME 3.8 applications, with GTK+ 3.10, and with Glib 2.40 (the version that corresponds to GNOME 3.12).

          Hopefully it works out….

          • PromoteCommonSense

            The 3.10 apps will be in their repositories, they just can’t include them in the image because of agreements with Canonical about enabling extra repositories.

            However, once adding the repo, they are just a apt-get update and dist-upgrade away.

  • Dread Knight

    The dash is pretty horrible, I like the Gnome Shell one better. Also seems we’re chasing unicorns when it comes to Ubuntu Touch.

  • Cristobal Tapia

    Yeah, about one year ago I just had to stop using Ubuntu and switched to Arch… something is going very wrong with Ubuntu… so sad :(

  • err

    are you having a break down?

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