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From China with Love: Deep-in Review (12.06RC)

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Another reason I preferred Chinese over English was because Deepin misses a completed translation. Using English leads to a mixture of languages that seems ugly. We might make another review when Deepin stable will be out. Anyway, for now..

Enjoy :)


[1] Installing features mostly applications in Deepin software center and is pretty much same as Ubuntu’s. Much prettier thought or if feels much “younger” if you prefer. If you closely notice Deepin software center is themable! Not much useful but cool!

[2] After install is done and you have logged in that is the first screen you see. A modified via extensions only Gnome Shell. Not bad, huh? :)


[1] Apps categories are on the left and buttons get activated on mouse over instead of click.

[2] Check the services on the bottom, everything is here and much of proprietary software like Adobe flash player comes without asking you.


[1] Windows Overview is also on the left. And you know what? I think is better!

[2] An Empathy notification from Gmail GOA. This is Ubuntu’s notification system and it seems that I can’t reply on this message. I don’t like that.


[1] Calendar isn’t very pretty and also I don’t like the removal of the user name on top right. But you can enable this back from extensions.

[2] Typical User menu with Power Off option by default. The green button of Shell theme is definitely coming from the previous Deepin release which was a green one.


[1] The default video player of Deepin. I don’t know which one is but sure thing is not a GTKed one.

[2] Same info about the default Audio Player. However they both look nice and if you don’t like them, you can always install the players of your choice.


[1] Nautilus with a clear Mac like GTK theme and a handy previewer on top.  Top Panel also works as a favorites Apps launcher and switcher.

[2] Just a mind game that I can’t remember its name. Tetravex or something..


[1] Gnome Control Center or Ubuntu Control Center more correctly. Nothing different than Ubuntu here.

[2] Gnome Tweak Tool, loaded with extensions. I hope they make an extension pack available so we can install them in Fedora or any other distro you might use.


[1] Deepin’s famous Application Center! I don’t have a clue if it’s a fork of Ubuntu’s but is much much faster, much usable and lots lots prettier.

[2] Recommended apps this time right on target. The best apps that open source has to offer on first view, one click away from install!


[1] Deepins Software Center features user ratings and comments. I forgot to check in what language, but I guess it will be localized.

[2] Firefox is the default Web-Browser and Baidu of course the default search engine. By the way Baidu is the most popular search engine in Asia with a revenue of 14 billions and 16,000 employees.  For the comparison Google has a revenue of 37 billions and 33000 employees.


[1] Deepin’s second best wallpaper. Get some class with high quality expensive wood :)

[2] We do not lie, this is Deepin 12.06 RC !


[1] The default apps.

[2] One of the best features of Ubuntu, jockey! The hardware proprietary drivers installer. Hope to see this in .rpm distros also.


[1] Deepin had 28 updates available that I left them for the end. I din’t want a broken system before finish the review :)

[2] Updating done! Everything ok. Deepin’s App Center manages installations, updates, removals and is fast.. Nice job!

Deepin features Lightdm and not Gdm. While lightdm is faster there are also some bugs with Ubuntu+Gdm that prevent you to use it.

Anyway, there is Gnome Classic option which is the fallback mode of Gnome 3.4. Deepin and Gnome 3 servers the same desktop. I thought that Gnome3 would be a a pure Gnome without the extensions but I was wrong. Maybe is unfinished.

Deepin’s small but talented team, from left to right:

The founder of Deepin Linux Liu Wenhuan, Hiweed, Wang Yong, Stephen, Wang Mingdong, Aenon Sun, Aron, Yunqiang Su.


There isn’t much to review in this distro, you like it? you get it! It’s a modified Ubuntu 12.04 and that guarantees stability, easy of use and plenty of apps and PPAs. But I really love when people take Gnome-Shell and expand it so nice! Deepin Team I wish you good luck!


+ Simply beautiful

+ Awesome App Center

+ Modified by Extensions only so we can revert it in Gnome


– Following Ubuntu and therefore whatever decision Canonical makes, like it or not

– For RC is quite unstable

– Needs polishing in a lot of areas and translations, at least English

Deepin Official Home Page

Ps I hope Koreans will stop making MMO’s for a little bit, and come help on the Linux development too ;)

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  • zisis maras

    Ps I hope Koreans stop a bit making MMO’s and come to Linux development also ;)

  • 陆仁贾

    Love it!

    However, we want more translations. Do you agree?

    BTW, if anyone of you have used one of China’s movie player or music player, you will know why the ones in Deepin Linux are designed like this.

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  • Satyajit Sahoo

    You can install Jockey in Fedora too. May be the easiest will be to use Fedora Utils –

  • Guest

    Please add screenshots with multi windows (four or more applications open). Is it easy to doing multitasking?, i normally open more than one applications at the same time. Maybe screenshots with terminal, firefox, nautilus, chat client, some maximized, some minimized?

    • Alexis Diavatis

      Behavior is exactly the same as the “original” Gnome Shell. 

      • Guest

         ok, thanks

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  • 小彬 xβ

    I love the deepin music player~

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