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Frogr 0.8 hops forward!

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As Frogr aims to provide an easier and quicker way to upload files to Flickr, it stays very simple to learn and use. Nothing has changed in terms of graphical user interface design. What did change though is that Frogr became both more Gnomish and more stable.

The addition of the application menu makes Frogr more integrated to Gnome than ever and also gave the opportunity to clean up some code and get rid of many conditional compilation units needed for supporting GTK 2.24. GTK 3.4 is now the minimum required.


Video Uploading

Another “cosmogonic” change that raises the usability of Frogr greatly is the support for uploading videos! According to Mario Sanchez Prada who is the main developer of Frogr, the video uploading implementation didn’t require any special work or much time as Frogr was only lacking a video thumbnail generator. Now its done and all that will stop you from uploading videos on Flickr is your account’s limit.



Another great new addition of this new 0.8 version is the ability to save and load projects. How it works it’s actually pretty simple: when you save a session to a project, Frogr will just serialize your current pictures, sets, groups and local tags to a json file that you can use to restore the state later.


Small Details

The usual bug fixing results in a more stable application that can do more things, but nothing is perfect of course and things can still go wrong. For this reason, Frogr 0.8 acquired better error reporting so that errors will loose their mysterious nature.

Some other little details that can make a big difference for users are smart improvements like the following:

  • Don’t give up on upload too early and retry some times when possible.
  • Make after-upload operations cancellable, repeatable and parallelizable.
  • Properly check and report whether an user is actually connected to Flickr.
  • Avoid fetching sets/groups/tags when not connected yet to Flickr.


Installing Frogr 0.8 can be easily done by compiling it from source. Note that you may need to install some dependencies, but all is available on Ubuntu 12.10 default repositories. Alternatively, you can wait for your distribution to offer a new package sometime in the future.
  Frogr Website

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  • Pau Iranzo

    One of the most interesting things to implement in apps like this one (photo management) would be adding the possibility of applying cool effects. It shouldn’t be that complicated…