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Flickr your Gnome with Frogr!

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All you need to do to get things working is to connect your Flickr account with Frogr. This is done in under 30 seconds as you will simply be asked for a confirmation code when you will launch Frogr for the first time. This will automatically open the corresponding Flickr webpage where you will be able to confirm the connection with Frogr and get the code to proceed.

Now it is time to set image settings, information and visibility. With Frogr you can set the following:

  • Private or Public visibility
  • Set visible to family or/and friends
  • Set photo type as Screenshot, Photo ,or Other
  • Set the safety level to Safe, Moderate, or Restricted
  • Set the Licence of the images

You can also set these parameters for specific images and also add tags and description for the image!

To upload the selected files you simply press the “arrow-up” button found on the upper left and your image gets uploaded in seconds. Here is an example of mine:

This is the way Frogr works, simple and fast. This is the reason I believe that Frogr can be very handy to every Gnome user that has a Flickr account. It simply makes uploading to Flickr a lot more easier. I only wish there was a way to access my uploaded files and change any of the image settings, but you can’t do this with Frogr currently.

So, are you a Flickr and a Gnome user? Give Frogr a try and tell us what you think!

Get Frogr!

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