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First look at Gnome Clocks

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The first thing that you can do with this application is to insert real world locations and see what time it is at the same screen.

You not only see the current time, but also can see the sunset and sunrise times of the current location.

One more nice little thing is the ability to create new alarms and set them to repeat on any of the seven days of the week. The management of the alarms is simple and straight forward. The alarm itself though isn’t going to wake you up as it sounds like a 1995 Casio and it stops in a few seconds. It is helpful to inform you that you should get going though…

Then there is the Stopwatch that counts time with decimal seconds accuracy. The only problem is that there is no lap button here…

And finally you can use the Timer to count a pre-defined amount of time backwards.

My opinion? Well…having a little application like Gnome Clocks is something that is both important and useful for many people in many situations. Having it stand as a separated application instead of putting it in the Gnome Calendar that was the initial planning is wrong though. I hope we’ll see Gnome Clocks in Calendar on Gnome 3.8.

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  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    couldn’t this be integrated in the left side of the calendar-popup in the top-middle part of gnome shell? (when clicking the clock in the top panel)

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    • Bill_Toulas

      Follow the link on the last line of the article. The plan was to do something like what you describe. I suppose we will eventually see this in Gnome 3.8 :)

    • jk

      the wallpaper looks like a picture of an empty politekneio.. while outside students fill the streets

  • Rita

    Aside being a nice app, I think one of the most important features Gnome Clocks has is being a full GTK+-3 and GNOME3 app in python. It is a nice example of what can be made with introspection bindings.

  • Rodrigo Teixeira

    And the app menu?

    • alex285

      It has only:


  • liam

    As you say, not having it in the calendar isn’t optimal.
    IMHO, it makes it a bit useless. Just like I rarely go to overview, I think I would rarely use this app.
    An extension would probably be a better option.
    I cant believe this made it past the design stage.

    • foobar

      I like it as a separate application as long as it starts up fast enough. I rarely need a world clock. (~1-2 times a week before I start to remember the time shift)

      I hope the alarm turns out into a full functional alarm clock. I think about getting one of those tablets next year and would love to get rid of some old-fashioned hardware in the same run.

      It’s simply one of those small apps that should be strongly cross-linked to provide a solid and awesome look & feel including simple and separated user interfaces.

      Evolution is the best example why you shouldn’t mix up loosely related interfaces. Softare tends to get clumsy and unclear the more tasks they are trying to cover.

  • Enrico

    it looks like an App for children :-(