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Firefox OS Emulator is available for Linux

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Last time I had tried Firefox OS was back in December 2012 (Run Firefox OS in GNOME). At that time Firefox Simulator Extension (through WebBrowser) was only available for Windows (perhaps for Mac too), so for that post I had to install all the development environment to try it. Which was cool anyway!

I saw this from a comment, I don’t know since when, but Firefox OS is now available for Linux (for Firefox browser -only- of course) if you want to try it, installations takes 2-3 mins(~70mb).


Curious about RMS picture in FF OS Search ;)

If you want to deploy the development environment you need to visit


I wanted to start  this post like “Firefox OS was the runner up in GSMA Awards, while the Ubuntu Touch was the winner in MWC (Mobile World Congress)”. I thought I had read that, but I was proved wrong. There is no Firefox or Ubuntu award in GSMA

What had happened is that CNET awarded Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS, two products that were debuting in MWC. I am saying if you had also misunderstood that.

Our team judges Canonical’s new mobile OS to be the most exciting thing at Mobile World Congress, with Mozilla’s software as runner-up.

In any case, it’s nice that CNET promotes open source. However those two products are quite different. Firefox OS targets to cheap devices, while Ubuntu Touch, goes into Android’s market with the $400+ devices.

If you are wondering about Firefox OS devices..

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