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Files search system polishing and modernization

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One of the coolest things about Nautilus/Files is the advanced search system that makes our daily life with Gnome’s default file manager easier than ever. This system allows users to quickly search for anything by simply typing parts of the filename they are looking for. Files will dynamically search, find and view results as you type, and will also help you with file type categories filters that you can apply on your search. All this is good, but the time to polish and modernize Files search has come as some design wireframes were uploaded today in the Files wiki showing what the development team is planning for the system.

The wireframes are of course nothing more than “design proposals” or sometimes vague approaches of what something may actually come to be. It is possible that you may never actually see the following designs implemented, or you may see them fundamentally changed.

Whatever the case, the wireframes show the modernization of Files and implementation of the new GTKHeaderBar and the client side decorations and how the search system will work in this new context. Also, things already available like the search filters indicators and search options dialogs become more polished!


Search bar slides down when the search button is pressed  or with the Ctrl+F shortcut


If the results take more than two seconds to appear, a spinner is shown


The first item is highlighted in order to indicate that the return key will preview it


Search results are presented as chunks, you load each one as you scroll down


Drop down allows filters to be applied as soon as the Done button is pressed


Labels indicate when a search filter is applied. Selecting the label removes it

Nothing is currently known about when, how or even if all these are going to be implemented but our guess is for the next after 3.10 version  (which is coming in 81 days). Stay tuned and you will know soon :)

Files wiki

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  • Arnaud

    Looking forward to see this design in real! With new GtkToolbar! :D

  • Viorel-Cătălin Răpițeanu

    Wow, this design choice is really exciting! I can’t wait to see 3.10 in action!
    Seeing that the cog is gone, probably we’ll even get a unified global menu.

    • George Farris

      Well except on a 24″ monitor the cog is a nice short movement away (good design) the menu is WAY up at the top of the screen, more mouse movement, more strain. For those of us with minor disabilities it’s bad design. I have to scroll three times with my thumb just to get to the menu. With the cog just a single flick away.

  • Keegan Choffat

    I really like all this modernization gnome is doing, might go back to it after having followed this site for a couple weeks.