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Fedora wins momentum with GNOME Software!

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Best things that happened in GNOME 3.10,

1. GNOME 3.10 its self. An amazing improvement over 3.8 in almost every aspect till the last “bit”. GNOME continues to surprise with the quality of development in each release and looking to gain the trend share from the very popular Ubuntu Unity.

Keep on mind that KDE Framework 5 based on Qt5 will also come soon (dates N/A), and that puts the 3 desktops in hard competition.

2. The GNOME Wayland Port. GNOME Devs discussed the Wayland port early this year, and they didn’t miss the dates, they didn’t postpone! Full Wayland support will be available in next version of GNOME, as it was planned. Right now, GDM cannot launch a Wayland Session, but you can still run Shell and G-Apps on Wayland Server.

3. GNOME Software. GNOME finally gets an easy way to search and install Apps! The weakest spot of GNOME is gone! Naturally this will give a reason to people to write G-Apps, as it will be easy to distribute them, and their work won’t be hidden somewhere in “yum search ….”.

4. Fedora 20. GNOME Software mostly affects Fedora Distro rather GNOME. Fedora from their side return the favor, and they will backup GNOME with a really solid and fast Operating System and a new Upgrade Method (DNF/hawkey/librepo-based), that will make Yum Upstream deprecated soon (F21 perhaps)!

5. The year of Linux Desktop. That will never come, except if Chrome counts as Linux. But this latest GNOME+Fedora combination, easily beats every other platform as a Web Development Environment. We are talking about an amazing platform for all those 100s of millions websites, web-services and web-apps that run on the top of various Frameworks and Databases.

Fedora since version 19 provides an excellent tool to set up fast and run flawlessly any popular service, while GNOME 3.10 with its minimalist but powerful UI and the excellent management of multiple windows, provides a very convenient environment to work on.

GNOME Software 3.9.3+Git

GNOME Software will be available as a Tech Preview in Fedora 20 and it will work aside with the old Package UI. In this first version Software is missing -among other things- Ratings and Comments, that will come on next release (hopefully!). In any case, a comparison with Ubuntu Software Center would be unfair at this point. Maybe, on the next version :)

Unlike to Ubuntu Software, GNOME Software won’t offer buys, and not sure if they will offer non-free apps.


This is how Software looks today, but is still on active development and it might be a little bit different in its final 3.10 version.

GNOME Software doesn’t provide a centralized web version which is something I don’t really like, but on the other hand it gains in speed. While it follows the standard GNOME 3 pattern, in this particular occasion, it doesn’t work quite nice and  it might should have been more colorful and playful, more “live”.

Inside Categories

While GNOME removed categories from Shell, they overdone it with categorization on Software ;)


Very clean interface with super fast response, but unfortunately you probably need to iterate through all categories to find the application you are looking for.

Inside Applications

Application view looks poor, and I think a screenshot of each App will be here prior to final release It looks poor as there aren’t ratings, comments and stuff that will be here in next version.


The red “Remove” button, is replaced from a light blue “Install”, when App isn’t not installed. There is also a history button, probably that keeps track of App activity, but it doesn’t seem to work. Also when installing there aren’t any progressive bars, and you just a get a message “App Installed”. Uninstall didn’t work at all on me.


Finally a human friendly application search in Fedora and GNOME!


If you are still unhappy with GNOME’s File manager, there you go!


Lots of things are missing like “Sort by”, Comments, Ratings, Relatives, Popular etc and also it misses a functionality to install libraries or single packages. However for a Tech Preview is awesome, and is really useful. I found a plethora of cool Apps I didn’t know about them!

GNOME Software will be available on more Desktops like Mate and XFCE, and without being totally sure about that, it should work with other than Fedora’s package tools. That means it will be available to more distros.

Credits for this work goes mainly to Richard Hughes, and as user I personally thank him for dedicating his time on this!

Publish your App in GNOME Software

If you want to publish your app in GNOME, check on:

Richard’s blog provide much more info:

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  • Magneira

    I just can´t wait for Fedora 20!

    • Darktux

      Me too.
      Not using Fedora at the moment, but F20 I have to try.

    • JJ

      Fantastic news. We were waiting for this for a long time. GNOME rocks!, as always.

  • Mike Manilone

    Last time I heard of GNOME Software, it was only a mockup; now, it is a real product!

  • sorena100

    can’t I install it on fedora 19? or do you have any replacment until fedora 20?

    • Luya Tshimbalanga

      Alas no. Gnome Software requires newest versionof hawkey not available in Fedora 19.

    • alex285

      As a general rule, when a GNOME module is marked as 3.10, you can run it only in a full GNOME 3.10 installation, since it needs all those 3.10 dependencies.

      Since you can’t have GNOME 3.10 in Fedora 19, you can’t either have Software :/

  • Luya Tshimbalanga

    Note that DNF is the next generation of yum.

  • Kolektor H.

    Nice, however I will continue to use terminal for install & remove

  • foobar

    “misses a functionality to install libraries or single packages.”

    This is not going to happen. AppStream
    is based on desktop files. The issue here is that package-names do not
    qualify as ID for various reason. (e.g. two applications in a single
    package) Thereof, destkop-files are a better source. Also, IDs are shared between distributations.

    However, libraries and cmd apps do not have a desktop-file and are completely invisible for the framework. This is by design (and intended.)

    Software aims to make installing easier for *users*. Showing them the
    newest super-awesome-mega-text-editor (also known as vim), or alternate
    kernel-less operating systems (like emacs) is misleading.

    This is of course not true for all cmd apps. (e.g. GNU Octave, irssi, …) But I guess you could create a desktop-file for them and spawn them in a terminal. (That’s what I do to open both applications via shell-search locally.)

    About non-free stuff: Hugsie wrote somethign about plugins a long time ago. However, providing a plugin interface is something you shouldn’t provide before the app is stable enough to know what those should have to support.

  • Loïc BLOT

    Need gnome 3.10 on archlinux !

  • sane

    Lack of paid apps is deal breaker. You will either get apps with low quality or ads (look at android). It must be a viable business for people to write apps, hire designers, do user testing. Now GNOME rely on Red Hat, and other companies to fund developers.

  • Adrew

    Also exist Appcenter Fedora, and look great, other alternative.

  • Sudhir Khanger

    I wish if they would maintain standards on software center and not flood it with full repository, all debug packages and everything else.

    • foobar

      Hey, you probably want to read my comment. It explains quite well why such stuff is not going to be covered by the software center.

  • Carlos Atagua

    The best free OS! Fedora rules!