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Fedora gamers rejoice…with Mumble!

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Mumble RPMs is basically as set of 56 nosrc rpms made for HIB games. Nosrc means that they don’t contain the source of the games of course, as you will have to actually buy HIB to use this tool.

These nosrc rpms help you create an rpm file for your Fedora 16 or Fedora 17 distribution by using the rpmbuild command and the tar.gz game file. There has been no testing on elder Fedora or other rpm distributions like openSUSE or Mageia, but it may actually work there too.

The nosrc rpms come in both 32 and 64 bit allowing you to take full advantage of your hardware. Some HIB provide rpm packages for some of their games, but even in this case it is recommended to use Mumble again because of the following reasons:

  • Where possible the games use the system libraries – not the bundled ones – which improves compatibility
  • There is no pollution of the system lib directories with the bundled libraries
  • If the game needs a “fix” to run or to play sound etc – it is integrated it into the RPM
  • The RPMs always include an icon for launching the game from the menu

The only thing that I found naturally annoying, was the absence of all games from the latest Humble Indie Bundle 6. I suppose that Mumble developers will create the respective nosrc rpms soon.

Humble Indie Bundle  Mumble RPMs

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