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Fedora 19 will catch up GNOME 3.8 with a 4 months release cycle!

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A 4 months Release Schedule

It was a question since the huge delay in Fedora 18, when Fedora 19 would be available. Well, Fedora is coming back to its normal 2 releases a year schedule May/November. To succeed this, Fedora 19 should come out just 4 months after 18.

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My guess is that Fedora will make it to deliver on time, mostly for reliability reasons, but dates can adjust outwards depending on submitted features, which are not yet decided.

Fedora 19 Schedule [Draft]

So Fedrora 19 Schedule is still marked as Draft, but if changes happen, it won’t be something dramatically different.

Jaroslav Řezník Program Manager in Red Hat and currently responsible for Fedora, posted the Fedora 19 Schedule proposal:

As we already slipped for 5 weeks and for the final release there is still no hard date (even we solved the issue with one more Beta slip), I started working on F19 schedule to check what are our options.

The idea is to overlap F18/F19 development to allow us target May as a release month for odd releases and minimize the effect on development. Final Change Deadline seems like a good candidate where to start planning phase – most of the Fedora 18 development should be already done, only release blocking issues are fixed during the freeze. With the F18 Beta change we are still able to hit second half of the May. GNOME releases, we are trying to be in sync with are considered in schedule – 3.7.90 to Alpha and Final for Beta.

  • 2012-11-26 Fedora 18 Final Change Deadline
  • 2012-11-27 Fedora 19 Planning & Development Begins
  • 2012-11-28 Start Fedora 19 Features Submission
  • 2013-02-12 Feature Submission Deadline
  • 2013-02-20 GNOME 3.7.90 release
  • 2013-02-26 Branch Fedora 19 from Rawhide
  • 2013-03-05 Alpha Change Deadline/Software? String Freeze
  • 2013-03-19 Alpha Public Availability
  • 2013-03-27 GNOME 3.8.0 release
  • 2013-04-09 Features 100% Complete Deadline / Beta Change Deadline
  • 2013-04-23 Beta Release Public Availability
  • 2013-05-06 Final Change Deadline (with same -1 week as for F-18 Beta, will see how this works)
  • 2013-05-21 Final (GA) release

Other options are – redefine scope of Fedora 19, have a smaller release, and be more aggressive on aiming the beginning of the May. We can avoid the overlap of F18/F19 this way and start later too.

Btw. I do not consider here the requests for 9 months release cycle etc. There are also requests to prolong the period between Feature Complete deadline and Alpha change deadline to give developers a time to integrate new stuff (see systemd, Anaconda examples).

*This post last updated 3 weeks ago.

GNOME 3.8 & Fedora 19

GNOME 3.8 is releasing in Mar 27, but the first major update (version 3.8.1) is coming 20 days later, April 17. Fedora 19 Beta comes just a few days after in April 23. If you check on Blocker Bugs and Fedora Beta Release Criteria if you consider the very stable 18 Beta, we can get a GNOME 3.8 in Fedora by next April.

Fedora 19 Features

Looking at Fedora 19 Features List, we will see just the RPM 4.11. I guess that DNF will be also available and it will replace YUM in 19. Just these two updates promise a significant improvement in Fedora upgrading method, that will also increase the performance of the GNOME Software App.

Fedorians consider DNF the most intelligent Open Source Upgrading Tool available today, and it would be interesting to compare it with Ubuntu Software Center at some point. If you are running Fedora 18, you can try DNF, it works great.

Fedora Rawhide

Fedora Rawhide as today, ships Linux 3.7 and GNOME 3.7.2 and some 3.7.3 packages.


By the way Rawhide state seems much better than previous releases, however in many updates your desktop will fail to start, mainly with X issues.

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  • sramkrishna

    I will believe it when I see it. Yum sucks and holds back the entire distro. I’ve had fedora break on me by doing absolutely nothing.

    • José Antonio

      interesting thought fedora ran perfectly fine in all the pc’s I’ve owned and all of them are different branded pc’s with quite different hardware.

    • Brandon Watkins

      I’ve never had any issues with yum.

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  • wtf

    why some backgrounds removed? terraform-blue and orange while green is still here
    (gnome 3.6)