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Fallback Mode is removed from GCC

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Pressing F1 it now opens Help (yelp)

Nocera applied the patch few minutes ago but keep on mind that Graphics View might competed dropped as well; Nocera says: “The whole “graphics” tab can probably go” (bug #682863).

There are several other improvements in GCC in the last few days regarding mostly Bluetooth and Networks settings (all by Nocera) and also Jeremy Bicha added a handy F1 accelerator to open Help.

I guess none here has ever used help (including me), but in any case is useful to lots of people.

In a quick look in Yelp


  • Fast Navigation and Search with Auto Complete
  • Help Entities are small, detailed and easily understandable
  • Provides some interested hints beyond Gnome Use
  • Supports similar and recommended links.


  • Looking for Backgrounds works, looking for Wallpapers doesn’t. Isn’t the best search for a Help  tool
  • Entities are small, but too many have to check lots of them for the same purpose
  • Images are completely missing. Some people understand better with “visual” examples
  • Some data are outdated and referring to older Gnome Versions. This isn’t really an issue but it looks bad.
  • Help is missing lots of alternative ways to use your system.

Overall Gnome Help is clean, fast and tidy. It isn’t like this mess in Windows, but surely could be better.

Update: Some early mockups for a new Gnome Help App, simply called Help. This is very early work from Jon McCann

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  • Mateus Machado Luna

    when I first read this I thought: what? a fallback mode of the c compiler???

    • alex285

      I thought the same when I wrote it ..but ..

    • steven

      He is not a journalist, he is just bullshiting and making easy money by copy-pasting or writing trashy articles.

      “Avoid using unclear or little-known names, phrases and abbreviations in headlines.”

  • Rick

    I think the Yelp should be renamed to “Gnome Info” or somethink like that. And it should integrate wikis (like Wikipedia or other on MediaWiki based services) and dictionaries. So more Gnome-users can use that tool.