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Faience now available for Gnome 3.6 with gorgeous GTK3 theme

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The Gnome Shell theme is completely reworked and looks beautiful. Though I liked the old design more, the new elements go perfectly well along with the GTK3 theme (May be tiheum should release the old theme under another name?).

The GTK3 theme is quite beautiful and reminds me much of the elementary GTK theme. I think tiheum and danrabbit should collaborate to create a better looking elemenatry theme. IMHO they both are the best designers of all the time!

However, the GTK3 theme has quite a few bugs. For example the rubberband (the selection area when you select multiple elements by dragging your cursor) should have been transparent. For some weird reason, the background color of the view area changes to a blue color in nautilus when I open multiple tabs.

The GTK2 theme could have been better. Yeah, it cannot match the customization power GTK3 gives, but though not such a big deal, many elements don’t match. To be specific, the progressbar, button radius and some gradients. But since it is still a work on progress, I expect it to improve over time. I just wanted to point out the issues I found so that they could be fixed.

Overall, it is quite a great theme and I know you are excited to grab it :)

The theme looks great with Faience icon theme or elementary icon theme.

Faience on deviantArt

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  • Alfredo Hernández

    I totally agree, Dan and Matthieu are the best designers out there (but I can’t forget to mention the awesome Jakub Steiner).

  • Philip Witte

    Hot damn, that’s gorgeous!

    • Matthieu James

      It is designed for gnome 3.6 or later ;)

      • Satyajit Sahoo

        I would remove “or later” from your sentence though :D

        • Matthieu James

          I am actually using Gnome 3.7.1 and the theme works perfectly… for the moment ;)

          Maybe it the cause of the few bugs you have on Nautilus. I will investigate. Which distro do you use?

          • JJ

            Can you release a dark variant (which is so much more nice on the eyes)?

          • Satyajit Sahoo

            It has a dark version. Turn on “Enable dark theme for all applications” in Gnome Tweak Tool.

          • Satyajit Sahoo

            I’m on Ubuntu 12.10 (Gnome 3.6). If you want I can help you to debug the issues. About the rubberband, you need to style .view.rubberband

          • Matthieu James

            There is already a CSS style applied to .rubberband (in gtk-widgets.css file). I will try to downgrade my packages to make further tests.

          • Satyajit Sahoo

            You also need to add .view.rubberband

            BTW sent you a screenshot of Nautilus.

  • Aventinus the Zethos

    Faience and Elegance Colors imo are the two best themes for Gnome Shell in terms of beauty and elegance. Keep up the good work :)

    • alex285

      I am not saying because I know him, but Satya does awesome GTKs. I like more his GTKs rather GSs!

  • Michael Mistretta

    Great theme. The GTK2 buttons are a bit of a turn off but I’m sure they’ll improve with time. Two big thumbs up!

  • Michael Mistretta

    May want to include installing gtk2-engines-murrine otherwise the GTK2 theme will not look right.