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Faience 3.6 Gnome Shell theme

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As the GTK2/GTK3 themes that would come later never came, you can currently use it with the default Adwaita just fine and wait till Zukitwo is ported. To install this theme, follow the instructions of our guide.

Faience GS theme

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  • alex285

    Anyone knows what’s up with Tiheum? He has quit? Nice theme btw!

    • billtoulas

      Tiheum said 2 months ago: “I am in standby for the moment. Some significant (and exciting) changes in my life allow me very little time to work on my own projects. But I do not abandon them”

      • Alfredo Hernández

        Thanks for the info, mate.

      • pt3

        Sound like Ubuntu might have hired him

  • Michael Mistretta

    Is that Faenza icon theme I assume? I noticed in Gnome 3.6 that Faenza is a bit broken, lots of missing icons. Been using Faience but some of the icons do not look right on the black background of the menus.. Tiheum come back!! lol

    • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

      Gnome Shell theme != icon theme. For the record faenza icon theme works just fine for me.

      • Michael Mistretta

        I am well aware icon sets are not the same as shell themes.. however there are broken icons in gnome 3.6 sadly.. open system settings. =P

  • pink freud

    it seems that you are not a well informed blog and also very slow

    …and very positive feedback

    • alex285

      That is the good thing about www. There are many pages to look for :)

  • Matthieu James

    Actually, some new versions of Faenza and Faience (both icons
    and GS/GTK themes) are on the way since a few weeks, as I have a little
    more spare time to spend for them ;)
    I hope to release them soon and
    you will like the new Faience Gnome-Shell theme (which is very different
    from the initial one, but more consistent with the GTK3 theme I develop).

    • alex285

      BooM! & hello btw!

    • Michael Mistretta

      Awesome, can’t wait. You do great work!

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