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F21 Workstation Disables Firewalld by Default!

Fedora Workstation is an optimized “Fedora” for the desktop, for the GNOME Desktop actually. Part of the optimizations seems to include a disabled -but still there- firewall. This will especially please the FPS/MMO gamers, since the firewall reduces significantly the “response” times.

Of course it will also lead to faster boot times for everyone, and the firewall will not interfere with sharing protocols such as DAAP and UPnP, which they will work out of box, without needing special tweaks.


A disabled firewalld

Currently there isn’t a way to disable/enable firewalld from the user-interface, so it makes sense that Fedora will add some UI parts here for users that want to enable it, but obviously they will not be familiar with CLI and “systemctl”.


$ sudo systemctl stop firewalld


$ sudo systemctl start firewalld

Disable (from boot)

$ sudo systemctl disable firewalld

Enable (from boot)

$ sudo systemctl enable firewalld

Check Status

$ sudo systemctl status firewalld

Matthias Clasen proposes the change

In order to get us going on actual development for the first iteration of the Workstation in F21, I’ve filed a first change request:

I think this reflects the discussion around firewalls we had back in February.

Workstation Vs Desktop Naming

Desktop has the meaning of an office suite, web-browsing and a game platform. Workstation includes more advanced tasks as video and audio editing, 3D modelling and rendering and etc..

But how you can do any of the above, without using the “forbidden by Fedora” codecs and video drivers? Naming looks like to be just politics :)

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  • jon_downfromthetrees

    Seems to be a rational decision, perhaps more so for a desktop than a workstation, as defined above.

    I suspect most mainstream users have no idea what a firewall does or how it works except for a vague sense that it is supposed to block Bad Things from getting on your computer.

    • alex285

      of course that’s the case. who knows how firewalld works? Even sys-admins don’t know to handle it ;)