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F-Spot is still alive!

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It is true that Ruben Vermeersch didn’t have much time due to work/life and 10 months ago announced that the main development efforts will be in the hands of Stephen Shaw. Stephen wasn’t very active so users started to wonder if F-Spot is dead or not. Thankfully Stephen decided to answer to these questions by sharing his plans about F-Spot.

What is the plan?

  • Work on bugs and update the code that will improve stability. No new features for now.
  • Update to GTK3 is something we may do in the form of a beta in the next few weeks
  • Port to GStreamer 1.0 as soon as the work on the binding tool is finished
  • Future plans also include porting to Windows and Mac with the hope to widen user base and contributions
  • Create a minor on github so that its easier for people to contribute through pull requests.


F-Spot is not only about what developers think of course! Stephen wants to know what users want to see in the next release and for that reason he set up a Trello page for tracking things were everyone has access to read and could get access to write if he/she wants to.

It looks like Shotwell and F-Spot will continue to compete for the benefit of the Gnome user! That is great news no matter what is the photo management application of your choice…

F-Spot Website

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  • StefanIvanovic

    Wastin’ time, in my opinion.

    • Adam Tauno Williams

      Thank you for the constructive and positive feedback.

      • StefanIvanovic

        I know, sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. No project is a waste of time. I just think that F-Spot is not going to recover so easily.

  • decriptor

    Just to clarify, we aren’t planning on a beta version of f-spot based on gtk3, but hopefully when there is a beta of gtk-sharp3 in the next few weeks we can start looking at porting f-spot over to gtk3

  • Adam Tauno Williams

    Great news (I’m on the mailing list as well). F-Spot has far and away the best tagging scheme available.

  • Germán Camilo Martínez

    I used F-Spot a lot, but they stopped the suport, things got buggy and shot-well is a complete mess, not a bit user friendly and none sync with on line services, they do upload but to sync is a completely different thing, I just cant find a replacement for Picasa in linux, it runs well with wine..