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Every Detail Matters Round 5

The every detail matters initiative continues after its first four rounds and now its time to focus on GNOME Shell again and the various little usability issues that unfortunately reduce the quality of the user experience no matter how small and relatively insignificant they may seem to be.

So, there are 30 registered issues that need to be addressed by GNOME developers and contributors, while 9 of them are already in the progress of being fixed. Here is the list along with a few words and/or abstracts from bug reports on each entry:

1 Calendar
Date doesn’t update after changing timezone 678507
Although the clock gets updated when timezone changes, the calendar isn’t updated accordingly causing wrong scheduling for user tasks.

2 Lock Screen
Don’t show resident notifications on the lock screen 686616
The resident notifications that are shown on the lock screen will have to go and only a special case “media playback” will cover the need to get info about what is currently playing.
3 Lock Screen
Lock screen notification design updates 702305
These updates include changes in the positioning and design of various elements like the time and date for example, as well as introducing animation for notifications. Details like the stacking order and a summary area for when notifications are too many to be displayed will also be taken care of.

4 Login
Choosing a user squeezes the avatar horizontally 706631
If you choose a user in GDM the avatar kind of gets squeezed horizontally.
5 Login
User list > login screen transition 703107
The current situation includes two separate animations (one fade out and one fade in). The better approach would be to fade out all elements except the user image and name and move the user image and name into the position they will occupy in the login screen.
6 Login
Status menu underline is too wide / large in gdm 708544
The underline goes way to the left when in gdm.

7 Activities Overview
Dash – launchers should slide when rearranging 685368
If  you drag a launcher over the dash the launchers slide out of the way to create a gap. Subsequently dragging the app over the dash causes the launchers to rearrange, but they move in a jerky manner. The launchers should smoothly slide when rearranging.
8 Activities Overview
Window thumbnail shadows in the overview 664484
There are shadows under windows in the normal view and we should have them in the overview too. It would be consistent with the presentation of windows as objects in space and It would also give the overview greater visual depth.
9 Activities Overview
Empty space between rounded window corner and selected window outline 699044
A small dark gap was caused by the rounded window edges not meeting the sharp corner of the CSS border on hover. By adding a small inset box-shadow, this gap is filled in.
10 Activities Overview
Offer system actions in shell search 691900
Right now, the overview search can’t include system actions (power off, log out) in the results which is confusing for many users. One idea is that we can have the shell fake up application/action targets in the search results and use symbolic icons to differentiate them from real applications.

11 Workspaces
Allow dragging of workspaces to reorganize them 646409
Workspaces in GS work great, but this is something that many people would like to be able to do and is currently missing.
12 Workspaces
Visual effect on hover for workspace switcher 644306
Add a Visual effect on hover for workspace switcher
13 Workspaces
Window dragging system needs polish 651681
Dragging a window to a different workspace is tough: even if you get the window 90% on the thumbnail, it can still fail when your cursor is outside. If you incorrectly drop it while your mouse is on the right side of the screen, the workspace thumbnails slide out and then back in. Some helpful effects could be implemented, like a glow on the drop target and the resizing of the window actors so that they are never higher than workspace thumbnails.

14 Message Tray and Notifications
Smileys not supported in notifications 651875
GS Message tray can be used for chatting through the bubble right away, but whoever does that must have noticed that when smileys are sent to him/her they are shown as plain character representations.
15 Message Tray and Notifications
Need a keyboard shortcut opening the last message tray used 652447
Lot of people feel the need of having a shortcut opening the last message tray with which he/she interacted. This would be really useful to send an extra message to the people with whom we are chatting.
16 Message Tray and Notifications
Don’t replace messages before they can be seen 661221
Now that’s another great annoyance! If you’re notified of an event and then a new notification arrives before you check the previous one the last gets lost from sight (although not lost from the notifications queue).
17 Message Tray and Notifications
Separate expanded notifications from the screen edge 677217
With the existing notifications design, it is impossible to tell if a new notification arrives while an existing one is in expanded mode. The updated design addresses this issue by leaving a gap between expanded notification bubbles and the bottom of the screen, and by showing newly arrived notifications beneath them.
18 Message Tray and Notifications
Don’t replay banners after unlocking 702460
The design was to replay up to 10 banners after unlocking. The combination of a linear queue, and a timed window to react to individual banner makes this more of an annoyance. This threshold should be lowered all the way down to one so that only a summary banner is shown, similarly to how it’s done in the overview. Activating this banner should open up the message tray.
19 Message Tray and Notifications
Message tray menu is missing the notifications switch 707073
There used to be a switch that would disable non-urgent notifications but now there isn’t one.

20 Multimonitor
For dual monitors, open new windows in primary monitor 695971
This is basically a great annoyance for dual monitor owners as all new windows are opened in the external monitor and then have to be moved in the primary one.
21 Multimonitor
Improve half-tile snapping with multiple monitors 685961
improve half-tile snapping with multiple monitors
22 Multimonitor
Keep windows on the primary display 702728
When primary display changes (new hardware is connected), move all windows from previous primary to the new primary instead of leaving the user do it manually.
23 Multimonitor
Vertical dual screens, can’t move windows to top monitor 663690
There is a bug that won’t let users move windows between vertical monitors.
24 Multimonitor
Hard to use scrollbars on multimonitor setups 675700
If you have a monitor to the right of the current workspace it is quite hard to hit the scrollbars when the window is maximized. This is partly because some are accustomed to throwing the mouse at the screen edge. It appears as a barrier after all. The addition of a little bit of resistance there to make it easier to target would probably solve this.
25 Multimonitor
Shield lifting should only happen on one display in a multihead setup 685300
When using multiple displays, the shield correctly falls down on all displays when you lock. However, lifting it up with a mouse raises the shield on all displays concurrently. A better approach would be to only do it for the display in question.
26 Multimonitor
Shield: show arrow on all monitors 685854
The arrow animation should be displayed on all monitors.
27 Multimonitor
Window position reported to apps is incorrect on multimonitor 701629
There is an issue with incorrect position reporting when in multimonitor mode.

28 General
Maximize sovereign windows by default 651075
For most apps it makes sense to maximize the main window by default. This is especially true on smaller mobile devices
29 General
Animate shadow transitions between focused states 702142
Shadows are darker and larger for focused windows. It would look and feel much nicer if the shadow smoothly grew larger and darker when transitioning from unfocused to focused (and vice versa)
30 General
Hard to guess how many search results you get 695491
Right now when I do a search it’s slightly hard to imagine how many additional search results I get for each search. How much more should I refine my search query to find what I seek? So, the current indicator is going to be replaced by something with a more clear meaning/value.

Now all these is scheduled to be fixed before the release of 3.14, but more bugs may be added along the way and some may be postponed for the next development cycle.

For more info check out the corresponding Wiki Page

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