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Every “Day” Matters, Round 3!

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I am playing on words a bit, since the project is called “Every Detail Matters”, and I am just giving the credits to the author (Allan Day) of this 100% successful project. Every Detail Matters isn’t particular successful because tracking down little (or big) annoyances, but its success is based on the fact that attracts new contributors, such as Stephane Demurget who made lots lots of work in Round 2.

Besides they say, you should be happy for every moment of your life, because this moment is your life.. And I guess that many people here have plenty of moments front of a screen ;)


Details matter. Small aspects of a user interface have a big impact on how easy and enjoyable it is to use. Get the details wrong, and an interface can be frustrating and difficult to use. Get them right, and it will be smooth, satisfying and beautiful.

Every Detail Matters is an initiative that aims to drive up the quality of the GNOME 3 user experience by making sure that we get the details right. Each round of Every Detail Matters focuses on a particular part of GNOME’s software. Designers and developers work together to identify and fix as many small issues as possible.

The Every Detail Matters initiative also provides an easy way for people to make a valuable contribution to GNOME by identifying development tasks that can make a real difference. Whether you are a new contributor or an experienced developer, Every Detail Matters can help you to make GNOME 3 better.

Round 3!

So we are now getting on round three which is what we’ll get in GNOME 3.10, so not much time left. Round 3 includes around 50 bugs that are waiting for fix, but I think this numbers is going to grow to 60 or maybe more. The components that are currently waiting for your help is mostly the multi-monitor support and login-lock screens.

Allow dragging of workspaces to reorganize them is again a candidate for fixing bug which was also existing in Round 1 and Round 2 (I have a strong memo on this!)  but never completed.

If you want to submit your EDM bug,  you need to file a bug in and then contact Allan and asking him to include it in EDM.  Also you can ask Allan to include an already existing bug in EDM list.


Well you all know what Every Detail Matters is, so next step is just to check out the Round 3 bugs!

Round 3


Every Detail Matter, Round 3 Announcement by Allan

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  • Remjg

    In the candidate bugs page, I can see this report: “Alt-Tab doe’s not function in Overview”.

    This is so true ! I find my self trying to do this so many times… And yet I’m using GNOME Shell since more than two years. From my point of view, there is a lack for keyboard use in Overview.

  • kostaskaz

    Allan’s comments in bug #646409 (like comment 36) are alarming to say the least. Losing the ability to use the workspace switcher to organise windows would be a HUGE regression. Hope the rest of the team wont allow a perceived weirdness to mess with the current (solid) design.