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Epiphany is getting empowered by WebKit2!

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Igalia, which is the leading developer of the WebKit2 GTK+ port, announced today through a post in Carlos Garcia Campos blog, the latest news about the progress of the WebKit2 support on Epiphany browser.

As we did for Devhelp, there’s a configure option (–with-webkit2) that can be used to build Epiphany with WebKit2. The option is disabled by default for now. TheWebKit2 GTK+ API is more and more mature and complete, but there are still some important features to implement in order to be able to enable WebKit2 by default in Epiphany. Nevertheless, the main functionality works already and we encourage everybody to give it a try and provide feedback and bug reports. You can also take a look at the Epiphany metabug or the WebKit2 GTK+ API roadmap if you want to help.

Epiphany with WebKit2, playing flash video

The initial planning is for Epiphany to switch by default to WebKit2 GTK+ before GNOME 3.8 arrives.

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