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Epiphany 3.8 gets integrated AdBlock!

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As Xan Lopez writes on his blog:

Lots of people still found the wrong extension version, or were not aware there was an extension in the first place, so their experience was not as good as we hoped. So for 3.8 we are just going to bite the bullet, and integrate adblock into the browser itself. Last week we took the extension, merged it into Web, cleaned the the heck out of it, and added a simple entry point in our preferences to control it:

The next step is to build a user interface tool that will allow users to set the blocking preferences like if they want the blocker to block ads only from a specific website for example.

WebGL support by default, better overview feature, integrated adblocking and so much more make me think that the Web is going to be a major improvement for the whole Gnome user experience in version 3.8!

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  • Alfredo Hernández

    Nice :D

  • Philip Witte

    That’s awesome ;)

  • Zsolt

    please integrate HTTPS-Everywhere. it’s even more important than blocking ads.

    • alex285

      hmm, what that means?

    • Arron Washington

      No, no its not.

      Not if you’ve ever gone to a site with AdBlock unexpectedly disabled (upgrade, crashed, w/e).

      You’ve never experienced how unprofessional and unusable some of the largest sites on the net are if you visit with advertising blocked.

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  • Arjun T V

    This is where i dont like gnome.projects like “web” lack a goal and is not usable.i cant see a time “web” outmatches projects like firefox or chrome.Rather than wasting time on projects like this gnome should fork firefox or chrome to suite best in the gnome ecoststem.
    I also hope to see “software” application becoming a reality soon.

  • Carlo Marchiori

    Nice, but without being able to customize it it’s, sometimes, useless.