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Empathy seeks a new default theme

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Danielle says “I realised what’s especially nice about using WebKit is that we’ve opened ourselves up to the whole world of HTML5 and CSS3 in our themes. Chat themes animated by CSS transitions anyone?”

Empathy’s new default theme is a small small detail but considering that bug was opened about a year ago and just now received some attention, shows us that Gnome is getting improved  in every small area. Besides, new Empathy will bring exciting new changes that we will reveal you soon here in WoGue :)

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  • PostBlue

    1° There are several Adium themes available as it’s displayed here : A nice improvement would be an easiest way to add them, or an effort to port some other Adium themes ;
    2° One of the only things I think is missing in Empathy is the OTR (as in Pidgin) ;
    3° Can’t wait for new changes. :)