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Empathy fixes two annoying bugs!

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The patches aren’t finished yet and most likely will land on Gnome 3.8 or in the best case scenario on Empathy 3.6.2.

Fedora 18 and Ubuntu 13.04

One more week delay for Fedora 18 beta (13/11) but the releasing schedule still shows 11/12/2012. Shouldn’t wait a bit more and include directly Gnome 3.8 ? :)

Ubuntu 13.04 most probably will stick with Gnome 3.6. According to their whiteboards:

Components we are going to update: glib, d-conf, gobject-introspection, gvfs

We will get GTK in a ppa but default to not update it, we might revisit that during the cycle if there is a good reason for the update

We will not update GNOME, we might update selected component later in the cycle if we feel like it’s worth it

mitya57, 2012-11-02: One “good reason” to update Gtk is that it will allow us to also update some components that are not in main (but are in Ubuntu GNOME edition image) — like gnome-shell. Another reason is that it might provide some new APIs that app developers can make use of.

If Ubuntu 13.04 include Nautilus 3.6, that would be the joke of the year :) By the way UGR users don’t have to worry, there will be a PPA for them for the latest Gnome -as always from Gnome 3 Team.

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  • JJ

    And that ppa do not contain latest control center and ibus. Ubuntu provides a half baked gnome, even with gnome 3 team ppa.

    • Žygintas Beručka

      Yeah, I have to agree with you. I remember switching from Debian unstable (don’t recall the codename) to Ubuntu 4.10 back in the day since I saw it as an improvement. But a lot of devs and policies and rules have changed since then and recently things just started going down the hill for Ubuntu, so much that I started wondering if Debian has become an improvement over Ubuntu.

      • alex285

        Before Ubuntu I had Slackware, Arch and Gentoo and LFS :) . I remember I was trying to install Debian but I couldn’t, I had always a broken download and I was thinking Debian was some kind of joke :)

        Then Ubuntu 4.10 was released and I never again switched OS, till 11.04 which I installed Fedora. I cannot really speak for other distros, but every time I test one in a VBOX, I am like “wow”!

        My point is that I don’t know if Debian has become an improvement over Ubuntu, but certainly the gap between Ubuntu and other distros is smaller than it was used to be.

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