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Empathy 3.7.2 Release

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 Empathy 3.7.2 Changelog

  • Fixed #592995, Debug: tell user about bug report and potential privacy violation (Guillaume Desmottes)
  • Fixed #681445, Display UOA specific auth error (Xavier Claessens)
  • Fixed #685793, EmpathyChatWindow should be a GtkWindow (Guillaume Desmottes)
  • Fixed #685888, Add a debug option to show the GStreamer pipeline (Debarshi Ray)
  • Fixed #686067, typo in string “developpers” (Guillaume Desmottes)
  • Fixed #687361, Irc account edit dialog improvements (Michael Wood)
  • Fixed #687338, Resizeable “edit connection parameters” (Michael Wood)
  • Fixed #684979, inhibit going idle when doing a call (Guillaume Desmottes)
  • Fixed #686969, add keywords to the desktop file (Matthias Clasen)
  • Translation Updates

Empathy Bump to 3.7.2 in Gnome Git

GNOME Shell 3.7.x

In GNOME 3.8 it will be possible to hide a User Name in the Lock Screen as this is a potential Privacy threat (bug #688577)

The change will be  included in GNOME Control Center Privacy Panel which is not yet landed in Master G-C-C Git, but it maintains a separate branch (wip/privacy).

GNOME Videos (aka Totem)

In Totem 3.6 and beyond, there is a new shortcut to save files. You can use <Ctrl+C> which is a bit confusing as <Ctrl+S> makes more sense (bug #688298).

There isn’t a re-designed interface for Totem 3.7 which is going to be evolved in the initial plans for GNOME Videos.

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  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    haha, poor empathy. Still no meta-contacts support. Its like living in the 00s IM dream.

    • alex285

      There is meta-contact support, but it doesn’t work optimal. You should use Gnome Contacts. I think they are scheduling some further improvements for 3.8 on that.

      • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

        well, i hope so. Cause i’d rather not use gnome contacts (or any other contacts application for that matter).

  • JJ

    When you have news about more than one compnent (empathy, totem), please don’t use titles with just one of them (empathy release). Use something like various news from gnomeland.

    • alex285

      I see, there were minor news on the other two Apps, but I guess you are right.

  • NicolasR

    The only thing a ask to Empathy devs : “Give us back the Compact View in the Contacts List” !!! It’s almost impossible to use on screen smallers than 13 inches.

    • alex285

      Didn’t know that Empathy had a compact view ^^