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Emerillon – An “Open” Window to the World

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What I really loved about this application is its simplicity, speed, and the way that everything is working for you, instead of between you and the application. So, what can you do with Emerillon?

You can view any point in the map under 4 different filters that are street, cycling, public transportation and terrain. Below you can see an example of Rome under all 4 filters (press images for larger)

I am not sure why the cycle mode didn’t work for me, so the screenshot is taken from OpenStreetMap where the cycle view works fine.

You can search for any location by typing the name on the search bar and check the given results. I found that search tool to be super-fast and precise.

You can extend Emerillon by installing one of the available plug-ins that will help you cover more specialized needs like Geo information and Route plotting!

You can put a marking tag anywhere in the world, making it easier and faster to visit places of personal interest.

You can view your street in your own language. This may not be an Emerillon novelty, but it is nice to see that the OpenStreetMap strategy of displaying street names in the native language is getting adopted by this application. The language used for the street names is auto-changed according to the place you are virtually visiting. This is an example of the beautiful city of Kavala in Greece. The street names are in Greek.

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