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Elegance Colors updated with loads of new features!

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  • Customize the selection/highlight color based on the wallpaper, GTK theme or a custom color
  • Chameleonic nature, changes color automatically with GTK theme or wallpaper
  • Customize various aspects of the theme like Panel, Menu, Dialogs etc. via a GUI
  • Ability to export the customized theme to a zip file

The latest Elegance Colors 1.1 supports GNOME Shell 3.6 and brings a whole new UI with lots of new options and under the hood tweaks.

Elegance Colors GMenu


  • Options to customize Background color, Text color, Border color, Background opacity, Border opacity etc. for Panel, Menu and Dialogs
  • Added 5 inbulit presets to choose from
  • Better export dialog for exporting the theme
  • Ability to import/export settings
  • Support deriving color from more GTK themes
  • Toggling “Monitor changes” now starts or stops the background process accordingly
  • New styles for Buttons and Entries
  • Option to customize Font family
  • Option to customize the Gradient for the Dash in overview
  • Option to customize Roundness of the theme

And many more…

Elegance Colors Panel Tab

Elegance Colors Menu Tab

Elegance Colors Dialogs Tab


If you use Ubuntu, you can install Elegance Colors from my themes PPA using the following commands,

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:satyajit-happy/themes
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors

Users of other distros will need to compile from source. Sorry :(

Elegance Colors requires the User Themes extension to work. If you have installed the User Themes extension from the website, make sure to run the following command as root,

$ elegance-colors fix

Then just run the command,

$ elegance-colors

Now choose the theme from Gnome Tweak Tool or run,

$ gsettings set name 'elegance-colors'

If you had a previous version installed, please kill the running process first,

$ killall elegance-colors

Any more features you would like to see in Elegance Colors? Tell in the comments!

Elegance Colors on deviantArt

Elegance Colors on GitHub

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  • john rajkovic

    simply great

  • Vincent O’Neil

    Once again, satya, you prove to be nothing short of a magician. Thanks for making my GNOME experience beautiful.

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      You are most welcome :D

  • hells_dark

    Nice =)

  • Gevera

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with GS 3.7.3 =( it needs the user-theme extension to be updated to 3.7

    • Satyajit Sahoo

      I’ll port it to 3.8 when it comes out.

      • Gevera

        Thank You! Patiently waiting =)

  • Antek Orszulak

    Does it work on fedora?

    • alex285

      yes, i have tested in 18

  • Bob

    I want to edit the on/off toggle switches for the gnome-shell theme, when I do the switches are written over by elegance-colors and is reverted back to it’s original. How do I semi-permanently change those icons? I tried editing the image files that are located in ~/.themes/elegance-colors/gnome-shell
    I just wanted to change the international symbols used to denote On or Off, to the actual words ON and OFF. A point into the right direction would be great appreciated.

    • Bob

      If anyone else is wondering…
      The toggle-switch images for dash are in /usr/share/elegance-colors/templates/3.6