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eFax-gtk unshackles your hands!

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eFax-gtk is basically a graphical user interface frontend for eFax that has just released version 3.2.10. Before we take a look on the changelog, let’s see what one can do with eFax.

eFax-gtk offers a simple interface with which you can easily choose the pdf or tif file you want to send as fax, or even choose multiple files. 

You can save your contacts and use them whenever they are needed, review sent or received faxes and even answer incoming calls. The following screenshot phone numbers are imaginary so don’t try to call me :)


If you find any kind of difficulty, or you simply want some help with anything, then you should open the comprehensive help file that offers categorized help text covering everything.

3.2.10 Changelog

Almost 10 months after the previous 3.2.9 version, eFax-gtk finally released 3.2.10 today with the following changes:

  • Update build system to automake-1.12.1 and autoconf-2.69
  • Suppress gtk+-3 deprecation warnings
  • Set locale even if NLS not set
  • Deal better with GtkMessageDialog format string
  • Use automake silent rules
  • Correct icon entry in efax-gtk.desktop file
  • Simplify file chooser selection code
  • Call atexit() instead of glib’s now deprecated g_atexit() (the use of atexit() in this program is entirely safe)
  • Remove unnecessary pointer value check in present_prog()
  • Add Spanish translation

How eFax works

eFax service is unfortunately not free to use. You can give it a try for a month and then you will have to pay 11 euros per month to keep using it. This will allow you to send 150 and receive another 150 faxes every month, enjoy lifetime fax archiving, get the personal fax number you want and avoid busy signals, paper jams and waiting for confirmations.

If you need all these, then 11 euros per month shouldn’t be much for what it offers right? I am not trying to promote eFax here, it is a great service for which there is a gtk client and I am trying to make things clear so you will know what to expect. If you are aware of a better deal that includes a gtk client, please share with everyone on the comments.

eFax Website eFax-gtk Website

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  • Felix offers a CUPS printer for their Fax service and is a lot cheaper.

  • err

    i’m offering a cloud based gramophone service.