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Editing Cloud Documents in GNOME 3.8 – Just Amazing ;)

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Power by WebKit of course!

Song Theme: Old Remedy | Butterfly

Editing seems-less files that are stored online. No matter how many accounts we have in Google. I guess more services will be supported here. I was always fan of using a web-browser to do this. Well, not anymore! 

There are many many other improvements in GNOME Documents, like the new paging. But for now #692102 is the guest star ;)

Good job GNOME!

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  • sebastien leon

    La vidéo est indisponible :(

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  • Ian Brunelli

    I hope they change the scrollbar to look more GNOME-ish…
    I think it will not require more than a small CSS hacking from GNOME team :)

  • yastahta

    Hi, may I ask u singer’s and song’s names?

    • alex285

      Old Remedy | Butterfly

      • yastahta

        Thx :)

  • mclasen

    _his_ face, please…

    • alex285


  • foobar

    This is pretty cool.

  • Helder Pereira

    If this adds Zoho Docs or Skydrive’s Office Web App support(very unlikely, right?), it would totally make my day. As it is, its cool but I don’t use Google Docs.

    • Ian Brunelli

      Office Web Apps support would be great :D

  • JJ

    Wonderful! Up until now, gnome doc was just a nice to have app. But not anymore. With each new update I think Gnome becomes more and more awesome.

  • George

    BUt why are you searching in gnome docs instead of on the desktop by hitting the super key? Will this work or have you jhust split searching and if so why?

    • alex285

      Sure you can open it directly from GNOME Shell Overview. I didn’t do this way, cause in this video I am using GNOME Shell 3.6 and G-Documents 3.7.4. So I couldn’t launched it from Shell.

  • Brandon Watkins

    gnome documents finally looks useful.

  • Fabrice Viale

    I don’t understand. You argument is to do exactly the same thing than is already possible to do… But without displaying the sidebar that displays the hierarchy, tags… and so on… Launch Chrome once the file is found and beneficiate of the complete GUI.