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Edit your Videos with LiVES!

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Getting Started

From the moment that you start LiVES, you understand two things.

1.) There are automated processes here to help you

2.) Probably everything will take a significant amount of time

Initially, you are asked if you want to get the advanced mode for multi-video editing etc, or the clip mode for simpler things. I chose the second for this article as I am a complete video editing noob and I only want to use the basic functions of this application.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to add a video file of course. You can do this by choosing something from your hard drive, a DVD or CD, video coming from your webcam, or even point LiVES directly to a YouTube Video by entering the needed URL. This will take time and resources depending on the size of the file, but you can always interrupt the procedure by pressing the “enough” button that will load a part of the video file. You can even pre-determine to load a part of a file using frames or seconds. As soon as you load a video file you are ready to start editing.


This sector is what makes LiVES shine with excellence. The options are endless, and the way you can do things is very easy. I decided to start editing by testing some of the 50 available effects and see how easy was to determine how and when the effects will apply. The outcome was amazing!

You can change various factors of an effect and watch a preview before applying. The application time depends on the selected area and the nature of the effect applied. The variety, and the application quality of the effects is more that enough for amateur usage. There are no limitations or editing differences for any video file format. LiVES uses its own internal player for playback, while there is also a high performance fullscreen SDL playback plugin available that you can use to see what you’ve done. The simpler tasks of copying, cutting and pasting of video parts are also quite straight forward to do, as everything you need is right there.

One more thing that I found useful is the ability to decouple the audio from the video, and to extract the audio into various audio formats. The sound can be even trimmed in order to be fitted in video selections.

The editing of your video files is a safe task when done with LiVES, as the application supports full crash recovery function.


The latest version of LiVES is numbered 1.6.2 and it became available yesterday. LiVES is present in all the major distributions default repositories, but if you have a problem finding it you can always visit the download webpage of the project.

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