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EasyTag 2.2.0 Release!

David King announced today the immediate availability of EasyTag 2.2.0. Version 2.2.0 came around two months after 2.1.10 and brings some nice new features, like Ogg Opus support and full MP4 file support, including cover art.


Changes since 2.1.10

  • Several stability fixes, found with Valgrind and the Fedora retrace server
  • Use GTK+ 3 by default, but still allow building against GTK+ 2
  • Support extended tag fields in MP4 files
  • Support GIF images in tags
  • Abhinav Jangda’s Ogg Opus support, asynchronous image loading, scanner function tests and new Vorbis cover art support
  • Santtu Lakkala’s MP4 cover art and GIO support, fix for Roman numeral capitalization
  • Ask for confirmation before overwriting during renaming
  • Ekaterina Gerasimova’s Mallard help updates
  • Avoid truncating Vorbis audio data when saving
  • Translation updates

Additionally there is a Windows installer too!

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