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Easy Screen Cast and Top Panel Workspace Scrolling

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New extensions for Gnome Shell 3.8 are out almost every day greatly expanding Gnome users abilities, or just micro-changing the way something works. Here are two new extensions that can prove useful for many of you out there.

Easy Screen Cast

Screen casting in Gnome Shell is as easy as pressing Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R but this extension goes a step forward providing more options and functionality on it.

The camera icon that appears on the top panel after you install the extension will allow users to start recording without using their keyboard, set a delay time in the same way you can do it in Gnome’s screenshot tool and access the options where you will be able to change the video FPS, change file extension and enable a Gnome notification that will show the recording time.


  Easy Screen Cast

Top Panel Workspace Scroll

This second extension is all about providing another way to scroll/switch between active workspaces. The way it is done is through scrolling your mouse while at the top panel and you are switching workspaces!

This is a very fast and convenient way to do it, but it comes with some annoyance if you are using your mouse scroll in the top panel for doing other things like increasing/decreasing the volume. Other than that, it is cool enough :)

  Top Panel Workspace Scroll

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