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Easily try GTK under Wayland in Fedora 19

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In Fedora 19, GTK+ has been built with Wayland and X11 support, so all you need to try it is a Wayland compositor.

Weston, the reference Wayland compositor, is available in the weston package.

To install it

$ sudo yum install weston

To run weston as an X client.

$ weston &

“&” will place running process in background, so you can still use that terminal.

Then to launch some GTK Apps inside, you first need to set the “GDK_BACKEND” environment to “Wayland”.

$  GDK_BACKEND=wayland

And export it, so you can actually use it

$  export GDK_BACKEND

Then you can try run GTK Apps

$  nautilus

For using Clutter Wayland backend which is also enabled by default in Fedora 19 Clutter Package you can:

$  export GDK_BACKEND=wayland CLUTTER_BACKEND=wayland


Above instructions also work with Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 with GNOME 3 Team and GNOME 3 Team Staging PPAs

As always, you can check more in GNOME Live!

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  • http://www.frandieguez/ Fran Dieguez

    You can do it as well if you are using Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 with gnome3-team/gnome3 and gnome3-team/gnome3-staging PPAs

    • alex285

      Thanks, I added that!

  • Mathias Rudolf

    Offtopic: How stable are you experiencing F19 at the Moment?

    • alex285

      Well, my personal experience is super. There are some issues with some programs that use Python 2.7 (I think is python 2.7, thats cause the issues) and some conflicts with yum, which I can easily solve.

      GNOME 3.8 runs terrific and for Ruby which is what I am doing, is just perfect. Not one single problem. Some (not often) crashes in Shell, but it restarts itself, so just a small annoyance.

      • Matthew Javelet

        I’m not using ruby and haven’t had the Python issues you’re talking about in my month of using F19. When gnome-shell breaks it fixes itself immediately and also fixes the memory usage which very cool.

        Anyway, I have also had great experience with F19 as well and since Gnome 3.8 final was released there haven’t been any system breaking issues at all.

        Great job fedora devs!

        • Mathias Rudolf

          So its worth trying as primary workstation with a second distro in dual boot as rescue possibilty?

          • nomad

            No crashes since i’ve updated from f18 to f19 a month ago. Not sure if current install iso’s works, but system looks perfectly stable.

  • Thomas Andersen

    you can set the gdk backend and export it in one go. I recommend also setting the clutter backend as quite a few gnome apps use that too. I just run
    export GDK_BACKEND=wayland CLUTTER_BACKEND=wayland

    • alex285

      Thanks, added!

  • Victor Rico

    What does really Wayland do? I’m a newbie…

    Thanks in advance

    • alex285

      Wayland is a replacement for the old X Server, the display manager of every Linux distro. GNOME and XServer Foundation will work on Wayland. There is also Mir which is what Ubuntu guys are doing. Both (Wayland and Mir) are planned to released inside 2014.

      Main advantages are simplicity & performance, among other technical things.