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Dwb a GTK3, Vi-Like, Alternative WebKit Browser

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Dwb is a lightweight web browser based on the webkit web browser engine and the gtk toolkit. dwb is highly customizable and can be easily configured through a web interface. It intends to be mostly keyboard driven, inspired by firefox’s vimperator plugin.


  • vi-like shortcuts
  • Link following via keyboard hints
  • Bookmarks
  • Quickmarks
  • Cookie support, whitelisting of cookies
  • Proxy support
  • Userscript support
  • Tab completion for history, bookmarks, userscripts
  • Custom stylesheets
  • Javascript blocker with whitelisting support
  • Flash plugin blocker with whitelisting support
  • Adblocking with filterlists
  • Webinterface for keyboard and settings configuration
  • Custom commands, binding commandsequences to shortcuts


Just a quick screencasting so you won’t face the same surprise as I did :)

All mouse buttons work and after you get used the shortcuts it feels like ..hmm Vi :)

You will find installation instructions and instructions in general as you will need them in its page.

Dwb WebKit Browser Home Page

Just a quick tip. <o> opens the URI entry.

Red Hat is hiring!

If you are interested to work at Red Hat Desktop team and you have some knowledge at

  • C/C++/Python/Vala
  • OpenGL/Clutter
  • JavaScript/HTML5/WebRTC
  • X Windows
  • Touch screen technologies
  • GStreamer
  • D-Bus
  • LDAP/Active Directory

check on  Christian Schaller’s post.

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  • Peter

    You cannot access this video in Germany because Youtube says it contains content of the Universal Music Group (UMG) :-( .