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Doudou 1.2: A Linux 4 Kids | Review

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I’ll be totally honest. Doudou looks very promising and is really useful distro, but.. but it suffers from old school Linux developing attitude. What’s that? It’s handy made.

Developers just packed lots of software in a poor environment and the only modern thing here is the GCompris platform. They say that target up to 12 years old kids. Oh well, my opinion, do not gift this to a 12 years old kid, he will hate you. You better buy him a barbie ;)

But Doudou is popular for a reason. On ages 2-8 is simply awesome. The best feature is that Doudou doesn’t need install and can’t be installed. You can only run it from a live medium usb/cd/virtual and if there is write access you can save your high scores on games or your work on painting/editing programs.

So even if you have a Windows Lap, download Doudou, run it on live mode and let your kid play. You do not have to worry about loosing your data or if your kid watching adult content, because Doudou features a parent control filter by default that can’t be by-passed.

There aren’t many things to review in such distro. We don’t care about versions, kernels etc. What we care is about translations and the software that features. If you are interested after what you’ll see next, you better check for those on Doudou’s official page.



[1] The loading screen.

[2] After loading there is an option to choose session!?! I wasn’t even curious to try this :)


[1] The first menu after loading

[2] Inside on discovering the mouse. Nice apps for kids to learn how to interact with software.


[1] The GCompris App

[2] And one of GCompris games. Which isn’t so bad :)


[1] A nice application for kids to learn alphabet

[2] The classic puzzle game

Pff, check the quality of the icons. Alright you can say kids don’t care. On the other hand, they saw it and they just didn’t care to fix it. If they don’t spend 10mins for this, what make you believe that they we’ll fix the rest? Poor poor quality, in many aspects for Doudou.. Anyway..


[1] A pacman kinda game that you have to complete the word

[2] Haha, hadn’t see Potato guy for yeeears!


[1] A bit of old Gnome,  gEdit and..

[2]..Epiphany 2.22 with gecko engine!


[1] Filtering isn’t working perfectly. I could access, but I couldn’t play games on there.. I was getting the next screen..

[2] Which is the default parent control filter.  It activated on from the very first screen


[1] System settings, with printing support for your draws

[2] Your multimedia dock :)


[1] Some Apps for learning puproses

[2] And your kid’s work suite!


I rate Doudou with 9/10 because is very practical, really useful and has no competition as far as I know. If you have kids just try it. It’s free and doesn’t need install or anything, burn it on a CD and you’re ready to go!

I hope that its authors will pay some more attention on details in the next versions. Because is free software, that doesn’t mean that has to be ugly. These times are gone!

This youTube is outdated but is the one they have on their page. You can get a taste how things work, as there aren’t many changes.

Doudou Home Page  Gnome’s plans for parental Control

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