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Donate to GNOME -only $9.99 ;)

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You know this trick when companies advertise their products for only $9.99 or $1.99 or $99.99 etc. That pretty much means that either Marketing Departments consider consumers fools, or consumers are actually fools!


GNOME’s privacy campaign was just missing $6

Few minutes  ago I visited GNOME Page and I saw that only $6 were missing for Friends of Gnome Campaign (FoG). Even if I knew that probably the goal was accomplished and the banner hadn’t been yet updated, it was impossible to resist and don’t donate the missing few dollars.

So as a new, one more GNOME campaign was successfully ended.  But as a joke, imagine how much money GNOME could collect if they leave -for ever- a banner …we’re just missing $9.99 ;)

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  • Scott McDonald

    i couldnt resist, gnome found a new friend.

    • sramkrishna

      +1 dude, thank you for your donation! Privacy is in fact an important thing.