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Disper Displays Extension!

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What is Disper?

Disper is an on-the-fly display switch utility that automatically detects all connected displays and gives you the option to either clone using the highest common resolution, or extend the desktop to the connected extra monitors.

This would be very useful in cases of presentations using a laptop etc.

The latest Disper release is version 0.3 and unfortunately it currently supports Nvidia only :(

Source     Debian      Arch     openSUSE

Ubuntu users type the following on a terminal: sudo apt-get install disper

Fedora users type the following on a terminal: sudo yum install disper

The Extension

The Disper extension will simply add a handy menu on the top panel to manage your displays easier and faster.

To use this extension, simply turn the switch to “ON”. Make sure you install the “disper” package first and that your graphics card uses Nvidia chipset. I am not sure about the drivers, but I suggest you try the proprietary one if you encounter any problems.
Disper extension

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  • Philip Witte

    I have a Wacom 12WX monitor hooked up, and what I really need is an option in the Wacom settings to map buttons and switch which monitor pen-input is mapped too…

    • alex285

      Maybe this will help? I haven’t a wacom to test it on 3.6.

      • Philip Witte

        Sorry, I’m an idiot. I forgot that the Wacom settings panel already allows me to map buttons, which is great and I really like how seamlessly Wacom just works in Gnome and I really appriciate the efforts of the developers. However, there’s one thing that’s still missing. I have two monitors: my main one (1080p) and the Cintiq 12WX (1280×800). In Windows I can map a button that switches which monitor pen input is mapped to. It’s really handy cause sometimes I want to use my Wacom as a regular tablet (to draw on my big screen), but I have to resort to using ‘xsetwacom’ from a terminal (which isn’t all that hard, it would just be nice to have a built-in option).

        …now that I think about it… Maybe i’ll make a Shell extension which allows me to toggle the mapping…. :)

        • alex285

          Cool! That’s the spirit! :)

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  • mbokil

    Hi, this is Mark. I am the author of the extension. I am looking at adding ATI support. I have someone testing it on ATI and when we figure it out I will update. I am also going to add an extend direction. It might be possible to probe the system to see what driver they are using and switch the commands appropriately.

    • Bill_Toulas

      Thanks for sharing this :)