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Disk Usage Analyzer 353

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[1] The new Disk Usage Analyzer first screen

 [2] You can scan remote Disks

[3] The treemap chart and a permission denied notice

[4] And the ring chart view, as well as the usual from now on Application Menu

[5] This is the new Power Statistics App where a new AC Adapter tab has been added

353 release seems very boring, the only exciting thing (talking always about interfaces) so far was Empathy. All Gnome Apps had more or less a re-design and are more beautiful; but nothing really special.

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  • Alaa Hossam

     I got 2 questions unfortunately they are not related to this app,1)did they manage to change the folders icons in 353 or is it the same as 340 ?,2)Is there an extension for showing all the menues in the top app menu ?

    • Alexis Diavatis

      1) There are the same, I do not know if they’re willing to change them. 
      2) I haven’t seen such one, but is possible to make one. Maybe someone will do when 360 releases

  • thubett

    Thank you for the walkthrough of the new development release. But there is one thing: I’ve never seen version format like 360 or
    353 used for GNOME anywhere but here. I would personally prefer 3.6 and 3.5.3 which are more clear. Also on this website term GNOME OS is used quite regularly. Usually it’s referred just GNOME. I understand that GNOME is becoming more and more like a operating system but currently it’s just a desktop environment.

    • Alexis Diavatis

      You are definitely right about the wrong versioning I use, but 3.5.3 has many dots specially if you have to end with a dot. Also I hope to change this old dotting counting. 
      Gnome devs also call Gnome as Gnome OS. We can just call it Gnome, but we will mean Gnome OS :)