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Deploying OwnCloud in OpenShift and sync it with Files

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For start, OpenShift is the new Red Hat PaaS (Platform as a service) build on OpenShift Origin which is available as open source in Github.

While PaaS services reduce many work from web-developers and have become quite popular, they remain a little bit expensive. Fortunately OpenShift offers a developer preview plan for free, which performs better than the free plan of Heroku (at least when I tried it!).

Unfortunately, OpenShift (OS) lacks way way behind from similar services like Engine Yard (which rocks!).  It doesn’t only lack in features and docs (really poor documentation) but it lacks also in reliability. For example, I tried  to login in OS a week ago but it was down for a day. I tried to login 2 days ago, again it was down for a day.

Today was up and running, but I wll go fast in that post, cause they might go down again :)

Getting Started with Open Shift

OS offers a wide variety of frameworks and languages, but we just go with the out of box OwnCloud instance. First you need to create an account. Just visit their page and follow the instructions.


After creating your account there is an option to upload your ssh keys. I had done this in the past, but I think is only necessary if you are going to work with Git, something we don’t need right now. By the way OS gives you  a free (private I guess) repository for working on your App source code. Nothing important since most people will prefer Github.

Next step is to create your App, in this case an OwnCloud instance. Go to Create App and pick it from “All Instant Applications” option.


Basically that was all. You are done ;)

My workspace name was “alex285” my application name was “owngnome” and the actual link of the the OwnCloud instance is:


What was a bit nasty was the fact that I couldn’t login. I didn’t know my credentials. I quickly checked at the code where this Apps is forked from:

Found it ;)

Default Admin Username admin
Default Admin Password OpenShiftAdmin

Don’t forget to change these values from OwnCloud Admin panel. So I was now ready to test it under GNOME 3.8

OwnCloud and Files in Fedora 19

I just checked how OwnCloud and Files integrate, and not how OwnCloud integrates in general with GNOME. My little testing was a failure, but OwnCloud also offers its own client if you want to actually use this service.

Also what follows is my personal experience with the very unstable Fedora Rawhide (20), and I don’t think that this will be the case when F19 stable come.

Online Accounts

First thing was to add my OwnCloud account in GOA.


My OwnCloud account was created but it was like ..didn’t. Fedora was ignoring this account and there wasn’t any kind of integration with GNOME, not in Files neither in Evolution Calendar.

What you need to do, is actually to add the WebDav and CalDav to Files and Evolution respectively to sync your data.


The link you need to add is:


But you need to change the webdav protocol to dav. So in my case it was




No matter the GOA, Files asked me again for credentials.


This is basically mounting my online space in Nautilus rather a sync, and editing online files in G-Files was super slow. I didn’t even try how to sync Evolution with OwnCloud, but I’ll come back to that when I know more :)

Meanwhile you can enjoy the free services of Red Hat and deploy a WordPress in OpenShift, free as free beer ;)

According to Open Shift pricing guide..

You can deploy a very active blog with 1GB space,

15 pages/second
Hundreds of articles
~ 50k visitors per month

free of charge in open services :)

Worth to mention that Open Shift team just published the brand new “QuickStarts” section on the OpenShift website. ownCloud is there and it can be deployed just by pressing the “Deploy Now!” button:

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  • Fabiano Franz

    Great article, thanks for your feedback related to OpenShift. I’ll make sure we have it all addressed. ;)

    Worth to mention that we just published the brand new “QuickStarts” section on the OpenShift website. ownCloud is there and it can be deployed just by pressing the “Deploy Now!” button:


    • alex285

      Hey, thank you guys you are making web better and keep it open!