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Deploy Your Own ownCloud In OpenShift & Sync GNOME! For Free!

This is actually the second time I’m demonstrating how to deploy an ownCloud instance to Red Hat’s OpenShift. The first was around a year ago, but OpenShift (and GNOME!) has significantly changed since then. It has become a really competitive cloud platform, with very good prices and plans that offers most of the services you will ever need.

I don’t know the kind of the support they’re offering, so I don’t recommend anything here. What I do know thought, is that they deploy their whole stack in open source technologies, and this makes them very attractive to trust them and promote them ..without even being accused for advertising!

4-5 years ago if you were writing a tutorial about syncing GNOME with online services, and you were demonstrating things like deploying your self an ownCloud instance in PaaS, they would think you as lunatic.

But today this isn’t the case. Today we can do this just with a few clicks and it is very impressive when open source technologies become so user friendly and they penetrate in the market, by replacing the commercial ones.

Anyway, I guess most of you don’t need any such tutorial, you can just visit and make all the rest, so this is made for the minority ;)

I did also screencast how to actually sync GNOME applications with ownCloud various services, but the video would be very extended, plus I’m using an unstable GNOME, that currently has many bugs, so I will probably make a new video later, when things will get smoother!

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