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Demonstrating Fedora 20 Performance!

The reason for this video is because I am so impressed by how much faster Fedora 20 is than the version that replaces. I don’t mean that does a faster compiling, but you can actually run a compile and do some animation rendering, while at the same time do something else, something normal, like browsing internet or watching a movie.

And the fantastic thing is that you won’t even notice that you run a couple of heavy processes on background. I didn’t run any games, for obvious reasons!

Again, I just compare Fedora 20 with Fedora 19 and other distros like Arch or Gentoo might be faster. Fedora 20 boots faster (~1sec), launches apps faster but the most impressive thing, it’s Fedora’s amazing responsiveness.

There is explanation, why Fedora 20 is faster than 19, but I got no time to write about :(

Unfortunately when I started to record the video with Shell embedded desktop recorder, everything became noticeable slower. I got so much disappointed that I was thinking to skip this demo, but instead I just made a very “handy” screecasting.

Firefox opens with 1.5x speed, just to save some time!

Paul Walker youtube isn’t an accident. I love Paul Walker and his movies and I will really miss him. I wanted to put a title like “Fedora 20 is Fast and Furious” like a small tribute to his memory, but some times people seem to take things wrong.

By the way, if you want to increase the speed of Fedora and any other Systemd distro, you can check this post.

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  • kenbw2

    How is the Shell on dual screen? I’ve found it getting progressively more jerky with each release.

    Is this with X or Wayland?

    • alex285

      I don’t have multi-monitor so I cant have an opinion. Sorry!

      This is X. Wayland is scheduled for F21.

  • lakerssuperman

    My experience with F20 has been mixed so far. Everything is stable, but I’ve had some issues. One issue I haven’t sorted out is why F20 is extremely laggy on my Phenom II X3 box with a Radeon 4650 and the free drivers. If I set the CPU governor to performance the lag goes away, but I shouldn’t have to do that just to get the desktop (both Gnome Shell and Cinnamon) to run smoothly, especially when it runs fine on an old Core 2 Duo laptop with an NVIDIA G210m.

    On the flip side, it runs extremely well on my Zenbook Prime. Everything is detected, including brightness and controls and runs very smoothly.

    Overall, I think it’s going to be a very nice release.

  • suolakurQ

    Whoa, that’s impressive!

    I have a similar system and I’ve been searching for a pure Gnome distribution. I’ve not tried Fedora for a while since I’ve always thought that installing additional software on Fedora was needlessly hard (at least when compared to Ubuntu or Arch).

    But after seeing this, I might give Fedora another whirl when Heisenbug gets released.