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Deluge 1.3.6 released!

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Change Log


  • Catch & log KeyError? when removing a torrent from the queued torrents set
  • Fix moving/renaming torrents issues when using libtorrent 0.16
  • Make sure queue order is preserved when restarting
  • Disable use of python bindings for libtorrent extensions and replace with session flag
  • Fix unable add torrent file with empty (0:) encoding tag
  • Fix error in authmanager if auth file has extra newlines
  • Fix the Proxy settings not being cleared by setting None
  • Fix accepting magnet uris with xt param anywhere within them
  • Fix daemon shutdown hang with large numbers of torrents
  • Fix prioritize first/last pieces option for magnet links


  • Fix keyerrors after removing torrents from UIs


  • Add move completed option to add torrent dialog
  • Prevent jitter in torrent view
  • Fix torrent creation with non-ascii characters
  • Add option not to bring main window to front when adding torrents through ipcinterface
  • Add Quit Dialog when toggling classic mode in preferences and only show connection manager when not in classic mode.
  • Fix ‘Download Location’ in the Add Torrent Dialog not set correctly when folder typed into Other->Location field
  • Fix the Add Peer dialog not responding if empty or invalid values entered
  • Fix no title set for the appindicator
  • Fix submenus and icons for appindicator
  • Fix missing translations in View|Tabs submenu
  • Fix torrent names on libtorrent 0.16 on windows
  • Fix missing translations for plugin preferences page
  • Fix the on_show_prefs hook not being executed immediatly after enabling a plugin
  • Fix ReactorNotRestartable? error when set as startup application
  • Fix same name can be given to different files in Add Torrent dialog
  • Fix empty filename able to be set in AddTorrent? dialog
  • Fix Apply-To-All in AddTorrent? Dialog copying file renames to other torrents
  • Fix the Add Torrent dialog also bringing the main window to active workspace
  • Fix showing exception error to user in Classic Mode with no libtorrent installed

For a complete change log visit this webpage


Install on Ubuntu

Ubuntu offers the previous 1.3.5 version and I don’t know when the official repositories are going to be updated to the latest Deluge. To get 1.3.6 you will have to add the Deluge team repository at your own risk. To do this type the following commands on a terminal:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install deluge

  Deluge Website

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  • gutigen

    I’m wondering, how is Deluge better/different from Qbittorrent?

    • Bill_Toulas

      I’ve never used Qbittorrent, but an obvious difference is the toolkit these two applications use. Deluge uses GTK while Qbittorent uses QT

    • Brandon Watkins

      deluge’s most unique feature compared to qbittorrent is its client/server/thinclient functionality. You can run the deluge daemon on one computer, and every other computer can connect to the daemon as a client using the native GTK+ UI, its pretty cool.

  • Badreddine Moon

    I’m using transmission because it’s simple and clean but I will give deluge a try.