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Deepin’s Complete Theme

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And this is the result:

First time I used a top-bar launcher and isn’t so bad.. actually is useful.

Tray notifications are disabled by an extension and instead they are showed on top bar. I didn’t use that.

In Deepin, App Categories and Workspaces are on the left. But this isn’t done by extension.  I didn’t include this JS File because it brakes my Gnome Shell.


First off, Deepin is still under RC and not stable. Its extensions and themes aren’t 100% completed. I found some bugs; print screen button wasn’t working and calendar activities were broken.  But anyway you can try it.

Backup your extensions and copy Deepin’s extension at your ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions as it seems on the second image. Enable all Deepin extensions then restart Shell (Alt+F2, “r”) and then remove whatever you don’t want.

You also need Faenza Icons and a Gnome 3.4.

Because I didn’t find these somewhere and Deepin’s docs are in Chinese I uploaded everything (themes, icons, pointers, backgrounds, extensions) on my Drop Box.

The Look and Feel isn’t so good as the original’s Deepin for many reasons, so do not judge Deepin by this!

Download from DropBox  (6mb)   How to theme Gnome Info   Deepin’s Review

* When Deepin is out I will update these.

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  • Satyajit Sahoo

    The GS theme is Nord, if I’m right –

    • Alexis Diavatis

      I think you are. But they have changed On/Off buttons, and I don’t know what else

  • PostBlue

    The GS theme has a to big / large toolbar, in my opinion. I still prefer Zukitwo Shell. ^^

  • Bentutu

    You also can install ‘Hide Dash’ gnome shell extension to hide the Dash.
    About the App Categories and Workspaces are on the left, the deepin developers just reoder one line code in the js file. You can backup your js file then use Deepin js file to alternate the origin file. Just have a try. Bug try at your own Risk :)

    • Alexis Diavatis

      I didn’t check the code to see the differences. But I will when Deepin 12.06 releases and I will again post its full theme. What’s the line?