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Debian Jessie to Include GNOME 3.12 ..& Just Might 3.14


Steam OS Beta, On Debian with GNOME 3.4

The 144-times (wow!) forked Linux Distribution (including Ubuntu and Steam OS) -according to Wikipedia and Distrowatch– is moving ahead for their next major release, Debian 8, with the code-name Jessie.

The Debian Installer Team gives us ( March 19) the first alpha release of “Jessie”.

Improvements in this release of the installer

  • Many components were updated during the beginning of the Jessie release cycle, so a full list of changes is not included in this announcement.
  • apt-setup: Avoid hang due to interactive apt-cdrom (#740673).
  • grub-installer: Support menu selection of GRUB boot disk (#706112).

Behavorial changes in this release

  • Xfce is the default desktop environment for the time being. Quotingtasksel’s changelog: “this will be re-evaluated in August 2014, and may change again before Jessie is released”.
  • It’s still possible to select an alternative desktop to install at the boot prompt; installation images are available for the various major desktop environments as usual.

Hardware support changes

  • The ia64 architecture has been removed from the archive, and is no longer supported.
  • The s390 architecture has been replaced with the s390x architecture.
  • It wasn’t possible to build the installer for sparc (#731806), so no installation images are available for this architecture. Its future as an official port is being evaluated by the release team.
  • The Linux kernel has been updated from 3.2 to 3.13.
  • The FreeBSD kernel has been updated from 9.0 to 9.2.
  • armel: The iop32x flavour has been dropped.
  • armhf: The armmp flavour has been added; it covers both mx5 andvexpress.
  • mipsel: The cobalt flavour has been dropped.
  • s390x: The tape flavour has been dropped.

Notice that the XFCE or GNOME default desktop for Jessie is to be decided in August.

GNOME On Jessie

Jessie is expected to come some when inside 2015, and the Jessie-freeze is on the 5th of November 2014, where GNOME 3.13 hard-code freeze is coming mid September and the final 3.14 release on late September 2014.

Jessie is expected to come with GNOME 3.12 and they might just include 3.14.

Laurent Bigonville (Debian Maintainer) says:

GNOME 3.12 is currently uploaded on unstable, and we are skipping 3.10

So Jessie will include GNOME 3.12? Jordi Mallach  (Debian Maintainer) says:

The Question is if it will include 3.14

Andreas Henriksson (Debian Maintainer) says:

Try to investigate what work is needed to get a new version of GNOME into Debian Unstable and you’ll understand why we strategically choose which versions it’s worth doing that work for… 3.12 was choosen because 3.14 will be released to close to the freeze making it unlikely we’ll get 3.14 in. So what we put in now is likely what will be released with Jessie.

Based on guess-estimation on how long the freeze will be, I think it’s unlikely we’ll see 3.14, 3.16 and 3.18 in Debian… Possibly 3.20 or 3.22 will be the next version entering into Debian -after Jessie release (Debian 9).

Of course all GNOME versions will be packed in Debian, but not in Debian Unstable.

The “quotations” are coming from IRC logs from today. That means it isn’t something “official”.

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